Meet the Next Generation of Gifted Kids

For years, PROMIL FOUR, the Philippines’ leading growing-up milk brand, has been the partner of numerous parents in their quest to nurture their children’s gifts.   

This year, we get to know the next generation of PROMIL Kids: Jose Antonio Arroyo, Sophia Ysabel Danangan, and Manuelle Tanya Isabelle Hernandez. They embody the PROMIL journey most gifted children and their parents embark on—a journey of spotting and nurturing the gift.   

Jose Antonio Arroyo   


Jose Antonio Arroyo, or “Anton,” began showing great musical potential at three years old when he preferred to play with his toy piano over his other toys.  

“Eventually, we noticed he was already playing nursery songs, the Happy Birthday song, DoReMi from the Sound of Music, and even Lupang Hinirang. He learned everything by himself, occasionally by looking up videos on YouTube,” his mom Dawn Arroyo said.  

When Anton was four, he already had over 70 songs in his repertoire, including Ludwig van Beethoven’s Für Elise. By the time Anton was five, his parents had noticed that he could already distinguish between the different musical notes, even with his eyes closed. “We later learned this was a trait called ‘perfect pitch,'” Mommy Dawn said.  

To hone his musical gift further, Anton’s parents recently enrolled him in twice-weekly online piano lessons. They also expose Anton to different types of music by watching YouTube together and prepare a glass of PROMIL Four for him every day. “My milk is PROMIL Four!” Anton said.  

“We complement Anton’s piano lessons and daily practice with a glass of PROMIL Four every day. We want this stage to nurture his creativity and make sure that this development is well-supported by the right nutrients. As parents, we want to give him our unwavering support, love and continue to nurture his gift” Mommy Dawn said.  

Besides playing the piano, Anton also loves learning about the solar system, geography, and various countries’ cultures. His favorite pianist is Richard Clayderman, and he likes listening to The Beatles.  

When asked to share tips for other aspiring PROMIL Kids, Anton said: “Dapat uminom din sila ng PROMIL FOUR at mag-practice.” 


Sophia Ysabel Danangan    

Sophia’s love for music began even before she was born. Sophia’s mom Rachelle always listened to classical music and children’s songs. And every time the music played, Sophia would kick and move around in the womb. 


Mommy Rachelle noticed that Sophia could easily remember the lyrics of different songs—even songs from movies they watch—and hit the right chords. Sophia also loves learning new songs through YouTube and Spotify. She especially admires JoJo Siwa’s singing and dancing skills, as well as her positive attitude and love for colorful things.  

Although she hasn’t had any formal training yet, Sophia practices singing almost every day at home. “Right now, she composes her own songs. She even wrote a song for me last Mother’s Day,” Mommy Rachelle shared.  

Mommy Rachelle plays a huge role in developing Sophia’s musical abilities. “My mom encourages me. She’s always there for me when I need her, and she always motivates me to do better. She also prepares my favorite PROMIL Four milk for me,” Sophia said.  

Mommy Rachelle understands that supporting Sophia’s dreams also requires nourishing from within, which is why she gives Sophia a glass of PROMIL Four every day and a balanced, nutritious diet. “It’s my responsibility as a mom to help Sophia discover and develop her talents and creative thinking, so she can confidently share it with the rest of the world. And I hope that our story can encourage other parents to support their children’s gifts,” she said.  

Besides singing, Sophia also loves learning about different cultures. Before Sophia turned four, their family moved from the Philippines to New Zealand and then Singapore, where she completed her K1 and K2 education. Sophia has also traveled to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand and hopes to travel soon again.  

Sophia’s advice for aspiring PROMIL Kids is to keep exploring. “Everyone is good at something. They can also discover and nurture their talents.” 


Manuela Tanya Isabelle A. Hernandez    

For seven-year-old Tanya, the world is her stage. “Tanya loves performing in front of people. At home, she converts the bed into a makeshift stage and performs while wearing a tutu,” her mom Maria said. 


Mommy Maria noticed her musical gift when Tanya was just one year old. “She sings with her older sister and grandmother, and she dances with her grandfather. Tanya also likes to listen to music, especially K-pop and Disney songs.”  

When Tanya turned four, Mommy Maria decided it was time for voice lessons at the Center for Pop Music School. “We also spend time singing on our karaoke player almost every day and recording covers for her YouTube channel,” Mommy Maria shared.  

Besides the lessons and regular practice, Mommy Maria also ensures that Tanya’s overall development is well-supported. “I make sure to give her nutritious food, including a glass of PROMIL Four every day. I know it’s impossible for her to get all the essential nutrients from food alone, so we supplement her diet with PROMIL Four, which she loves to drink.”  

Tanya’s advice for aspiring PROMIL Kids is to “keep dreaming and believing, but also practice your talents and work hard, and don’t forget to pray to God.”  

Besides singing, Tanya also loves to paint, draw, and vlog.  


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Parents play a crucial role in spotting and nurturing their children’s gifts so they can achieve their full potential. 

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