SKY Fiber Treats Fathers to New and Exciting Games on AirConsole

Fathers who are into gaming will be delighted to know that they, too, can get the most out of the premium version of AirConsole Hero as SKY Fiber gives free access to its subscribers for 6 months!

The first of its kind in the Philippines, AirConsole offers multiplayer games and serves as an online cross-platform video game console that transforms mobile phones as gamepads and computer web browsers, Android TVs, or tablets as the main screen.

The platform boasts a wide selection of fun, fresh, and thrilling games, which ensures that it can meet different types of gaming preferences.

For dads who are into sports, they can opt to play “Golazo!,” a dynamic online arcade soccer game with 7vs7 matches, medium-sized fields, no fouls, and offsides whistled. As they play, they will certainly feel nostalgic since the gameplay and vintage aesthetic are reminiscent of cult arcade classics.

If they want to bring out their artsy side, “Drawing Evolution” is the perfect game as it lets players draw simple phrases in the wackiest way and have others guess the correct statement. Dads who will play this with their children or friends may expect baffling drawings and confusing remarks, but it will give them endless laughs.

Meanwhile, cooperative games are also available for Dads who are natural team players. They can form a team in “The Neighborhood” and play against another group in a slingshot battle, wherein both groups are feuding neighbors hell-bent on destroying each other’s homes through creative weapons. The game is the most played in AirConsole as it offers vibrant backgrounds, mischievous characters, and local multiplayer modes.

Another team-based game, “Fling to the Finish,” brings clinginess to a whole new level as it challenges players to race and overcomes crazy obstacles faster than the opposing group, all while being tethered to their teammates. Bonds between teammates will be surely tested and made stronger as they face ridiculous attacks together in their attempt to win this game.

Whether they play these games alone in their man cave or with their children, Dads can easily set up a one-of-a-kind gaming experience with AirConsole as it turns mobile phones to gamepads and computer web browsers, Android TVs, or tablets as the main screen.

Available to non-SKY Fiber subscribers for a fee of P249/month, AirConsole Hero’s premium features can be enjoyed by SKY Fiber subscribers for free for six months. For more information on how you can get this free subscription, visit

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