Plan an Exciting Getaway with These Online Hacks from Sky Fiber

ni Everyone needs a breather from time to time, so why not plan a trip you can look forward to? After all, there are a couple of long weekends remaining in the year to schedule that dream destination you’ve been wanting to explore.   

If you’re worried about the hassle and expenses, you can lean on some online hacks to lessen some costs and make planning more efficient. Switching to a reliable yet affordable unlimited broadband internet at home like SKY Fiber even helps you save more for your travel budget. 

Their 20Mbps Plan for only P999/month is currently boosted up to 30Mbps for free until December 31. You can also opt for higher speeds with even faster speed boosts for free until the end of the year. 

Once you’re set with a speedy internet connection, try out these tips you can easily take advantage of online:

  • Turn on alerts for flight sales.

Flight tickets are tricky to buy at a bargain price. Other than being on the lookout for sale periods, you also have to book it quickly because they sell out fast. Make sure to follow airline pages, websites, and apps so that you can get real-time notifications on upcoming and ongoing promos. 

  • Subscribe to travel agency newsletters and updates.

Packaged tour deals are also a great way to save on a trip and lessen the stress of planning the trip. Start surveying travel agencies that you like and subscribe to their email newsletter and other social media platforms. This’ll make it easier for you to stay updated on their latest offers, including promos and recommended destinations. 

  • Stream other people’s travel vlogs. 

Watching vloggers’ trips to your target destination is a good way to prepare yourself for the trip ahead. Aside from getting information from someone who has experienced the place, you can also see which tourist spots and activities you shouldn’t miss out on. 

  • Use the cloud in planning the trip with your travel buddies.

Getting on the same page with your travel buddies can be quite tedious. Fortunately, you can make that a breeze now by using the internet to your advantage. Use apps and websites that can help sync all your calendars, create collaborative itineraries, and save travel documents in shared cloud storage. 

While you can splurge on that relaxing vacay you’ve always wanted, you don’t need to spend so much getting prepared for it. Subscribing to a fast yet budget-friendly SKY Fiber Super Speed Plan can already jumpstart your travel planning. Installation is also free until July 31 when you present one valid ID.

Become a SKY Fiber subscriber via the official website ( or SKY’s 24/7 assistant KYLA ( For more information and updates, follow SKY on Facebook (, Twitter (@myskyupdates), and Instagram (@myskyupdates).

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