Jerry Yan Gets Sabotaged in ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

The plot thickens in Calvin Lu’s (Jerry Yan) life as people continue to drag him down in “Count Your Lucky Stars” (CYLS) on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5.

In last night’s episode (April 26), the current editor-in-chief of CHIC magazine, Sarah, plans to sabotage Calvin’s comeback in the fashion industry in the hit talent reality show, “Next on the Runway.” Seeing that Calvin’s chances of winning the competition is high, she convinces Calvin’s model to damage the dress to completely ruin Calvin’s reputation.

Thankfully, Andi (Shen Yue) heard the entire conversation of Sarah and Calvin’s model and was quick enough to notify Calvin. But instead of thanking Andi, Calvin merely shrugged off her warning.

Asianovela fans following CYLS on Kapamilya Online Live were on the edge of their seats last night, commenting that the episode was ‘bitin’ or hanging.

Will Calvin’s career comeback come to a humiliating end? Find out on “Count Your Lucky Stars” every weekday at 10 pm on Kapamilya Channel (cable), Kapamilya Online Live (Facebook at YouTube), A2Z (free TV), and TV5 (free TV).

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