Shen Yue and Jerry Yan Make Netizens Feel the Love in ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

Filipino netizens are praising Shen Yue, dubbed as the new generation Shan Cai, as Jerry Yan’s leading lady in the hit Asian series “Count Your Lucky Stars” (CLYS) on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, A2Z, and TV5.

YouTube user Reiri Kamura lauded the onscreen chemistry of the lead stars despite the age gap.

“Hindi halata na malaki agwat nila. Nakakakilig sila,” Reiri said in one episode of CLYS on Kapamilya Online Live via YouTube, where viewers in the Philippines can re-watch the latest episode for seven days after it was first streamed.

Shen Yue is a 24-year-old Chinese actress, singer, and model who reprised the well-loved character Shan Cai in the 2018 “Meteor Garden” remake. Original Dao Ming Si Jerry Yan, meanwhile, is aging like fine wine at 44 years old.

Viewers agreed that Shen and Jerry make a great love team for their electrifying chemistry in CYLS – a proof that age doesn’t really matter.

“Bagay talaga sila na love team,” said user Jenelyn Mencidor.

Just like in “Meteor Garden,” Andi, Shen Yue’s character, also gets into a lot of heated conflicts with Calvin (Jerry Yan) as they get to closer to each other. In fact, in Friday’s episode (April 16), Andi finally discovered that Calvin stopped designing after his mother died in a tragic accident. When she told Calvin that she knows his secret, the latter lost his temper and snapped at Andi for snooping in his life.

Will Calvin and Andi’s relationship turn icy?

Find out on “Count Your Lucky Stars” every weekday at 10 pm on Kapamilya Channel (cable), Kapamilya Online Live (Facebook at YouTube), A2Z (free TV), and TV5 (free TV).

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