‘Oh, Mando’ Finale Streams this December

Mando (Kokoy De Santos) will confront his biggest fears as he is forced to come clean about his sexuality after cheating on her girlfriend with her brother Barry (Alex Diaz) in the iWantTFC original series “Oh, Mando.”

While their relationship is relatively new, Mando has already kept two big secrets from Krisha: that he is attracted to boys and that he likes Barry.

Mando’s secret feelings reached fever pitch when he, no longer able to hide them, confessed to Barry that the latter is indeed the man in his recurring dreams and the first person he ever loved.

Seemingly indifferent to his sister in the other room, Barry responded to Mando by also admitting his feelings and kissing him, which ended in a night of passion.

While Krisha is unaware of his boyfriend’s infidelity, Mando and Barry continue to be sweet to each other in their stolen moments. But their bliss won’t last long, as Mando has been warned by his best friends about his actions and was urged by them to finally come out.

In the teaser for the next episode streaming on Thursday (December 3), Mando will plead to Barry that they should stop their affair for the sake of Krisha.

Barry frantically responds answers him back, “Kung nagpakatotoo ka lang at inamin mong bakla ka hindi mo na sana ginamit ang kapatid ko para pagtakpan ang kabaklaan mo!”

Amidst his chaotic love life, Mando will also come to terms with the experience of his lesbian mother (Andrea Del Rosario), who had left his father in order to be true to herself and be with another woman.

Will Mando and Barry admit to their affair? Will Mando finally be open about his sexuality?

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