12 Truly Pinoy Things in ‘Oh, Mando’ that Make It the Ultimate Pinoy BL Series

Boys’ love (BL) series have become increasingly popular in the Philippines with a number of shows tugging at the hearts of viewers. One new BL series that has set itself apart from the others with just its pilot episode is the iWantTFC original “Oh, Mando,” which takes elements from Pinoy rom-com movies and builds on laugh-out-loud comedy and kilig-inducing scenes.

The series follows the sexual awakening of a college freshman named Mando (Kokoy De Santos), who suddenly realizes he might be gay when he meets the dashing Barry (Alex Diaz). What follows is an emotional rollercoaster ride that brings viewers back to when they fell in love and got their hearts broken for the first time.

And with the heart of Manila as its setting, plus the relatable scenes that have Filipino humor written all over them, the first episode alone gave its viewers all the feels – an ‘extremely Pinoy BL’ we never knew we needed.

If you’re a BL fan, this one is for you! Here is a list of some of the on-point references to Pinoy culture and relatable scenes in “Oh, Mando” that have left viewers anticipating for the next episodes: (WARNING: Spoilers ahead!)

1.  Vince (Renzie Aguilar) perfectly referencing Filipino personalities for his punch lines…

“Friend, Cynthia Villar?” (Sino siya?)

“Inhaler, paps.”


“Rumachelle Anne ka na!”

“Rachelle Anne?”


2. And even more punch lines that only Pinoys can relate to…

When a student used Eva Eugenio’s iconic “Tukso” as his audition piece

When Mando’s friends mocked Krisha (Barbie Imperial) for being assuming:

“Krisha, dito ka ba talaga nag-aaral?”

“Ha, why?”

“Akala ko kasi taga-Assumption ka… Assumptionista!”

“Pa-Juliet-Juliet?” (Pa-ulit-ulit?)

3. Mando’s barkada’s tambayan spot is wherever the street food is at

Because what’s more Filipino than eating street food with your friends while making chika?

4. Mando and Barry bump into each in U-Belt, which certainly makes for a great meet-cute setting

Mando sees Barry again in U-Belt, but this time he planned it out (‘para-paraan’ as they say)

5.            Fish balls as a symbol of Mando’s growing attraction to Barry

They become “tusok-tusok buddies” at a fish ball stand

It’s what Mando ravenously devours while drooling over Barry

With fish balls, Mando asks for a sign from the universe that Barry is the Prince Charming in his dreams…

6. That one prof who makes the funniest side comments but could also be a terror at times, just like Mr. Siwa

One of his funniest lines: “Sinong starlet ‘yan? Bakit nagpapahintay?”

7. Mando using “wala akong load”  as an excuse to ignore Krisha’s texts

8. Vince’s hilarious ‘pabebe’ moments

9. Mando joking about “alter” in reference to Filipino gay Twitter’s kinkier side

10.  Mando getting extremely kilig when Barry follows him back on social media, making us all say, “Sana all!”

11.  But more than the comedic scenes, the series also pierces hearts and opens our eyes to the harsh realities about accepting one’s sexuality

Mando not wanting to disappoint his father and assuring him that he isn’t gay

The prevailing chismis surrounding Mando is that he isn’t straight because he’s never had a girlfriend…

12. And last, but definitely not the least, the heartbreaking and meme-worthy moment when Mando finds out that Barry has a boyfriend, munching on fish balls while the legendary jukebox song “Aray” is playing in the background.

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