Jeff Canoy Captures the Return of ‘Ibong Adarna’ in ABS-CBN Docu

Multi-awarded documentarist Jeff Canoy tells the story behind the return of the classic 1941 Filipino film “Ibong Adarna” and the efforts of one its stars, Mila Del Sol, in protecting Philippine cinema, this Sunday, 10:15 pm on Kapamilya Online Live and on Sunday’s Best, 11 pm on Kapamilya Channel.

Produced by ABS-CBN DocuCentral, “Ang Pagbabalik ng Ibong Adarna,” looks into our lost film history and the fight to restore and protect films for the future generations.

It focuses on “Ibong Adarna,” one of only six surviving pre-war Filipino movies and the first Filipino film partially made with color. New generation of Filipinos recently got to watch its remastered version on the Facebook page of ABS-CBN Film Restoration, which together with LVN Pictures Inc., worked to bring back the magical movie adventure from yesteryears.

Jeff also follows the story of Mila, one of the movie queens during the golden age of Philippine Cinema, who passionately fought to protect the industry she loved. Mila passed away at age 97 last November 10.

As the nation continues to celebrate the 100 years of Philippine cinema, get to know more about our film heritage and one of our cinematic treasures. Watch “Ang Pagbabalik ng Ibong Adarna,” a documentary by Jeff Canoy, on Sunday (November 15) 10:15 pm on Kapamilya Online Live on YouTube and Facebook and on Sunday’s Best, 11 pm on Kapamilya Channel.

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