Three Vlogs that Best Show Off Janine Gutierrez’s Off-Camera Personality

Actress and content creator Janine Gutierrez is often noted for her gutsy acting choices, as well as an enviable feed that shows just how strong her beauty and fashion game are. Apart from this, Janine also engages with her following and shows a different side of who she is through her vlog.

Launched in late 2018 with a house tour, Janine’s Youtube channel goes beyond the silver screen and her Instagram feed to fully express her funny and quirky personality. Budding content creators can look to her vlog, full of her takes on viral challenges and interviews with her celebrity relatives (including the iconic Pilita Corrales), to see how they can also get started on their channels.

Here are three of our favorite vlog episodes from Janine’s channel to give you ideas on what to film next:

1. Truth or Drink with Mom 🍷 | Janine Gutierrez

In a game that gives a twist to the typical Truth or Dare, Janine and her mom Lotlot de Leon talk about everything from their showbiz careers to their love lives and even what they think about each other. Highlights from the vlog include Lotlot rating Janine’s boyfriend Rayver, as well as her exes, Janine sharing anecdotes from growing up, and both of them trying to avoid taking a gulp of unknown liquids. Not just fun and games, the vlog also shows Lotlot giving invaluable life and career advice to Janine, and to young moms viewing their episode.

2. Cooking in Tagalog Challenge (Lemon Pasta) 🇵🇭🍋| Janine Gutierrez

A skill she admits to picking up during quarantine, Janine challenges herself not only to show off her cooking chops, but also to do the full vlog in Tagalog. Proving she’s not one to always take herself so seriously, Janine introduces her recipe for lemon pasta, enumerating the ingredients and explaining the steps completely in Filipino (who knew pasta translates to pancit Italiano?).

3. Sibling Tag | Janine Gutierrez

Janine’s never been one to hide how close she is with her family, with her siblings making regular appearances on all her social media platforms. In a funny, water tag-inspired game of who’s most likely to, they took their closeness to the next level, revealing which of them is most likely to get married first, break hearts, pull pranks and more.

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