Pokwang’s Birthday, TGIS Reunion Featured this Week in TV5’s ‘Bawal Na Game Show’ and ‘Fill in the Bank’

Because reunions and birthday parties are what we sorely miss these days, TV5 brings more prizes and surprises in its wacky game shows “Fill in the Bank” and “Bawal na Game Show.” This week, viewers are up for a double celebration with game show host Pokwang’s birthday bash in “Fill in the Bank” and the most-anticipated TGIS cast reunion in “Bawal na Game Show.”

Hosted by “Manedyer” Jose Manalo and Pokwang as Madam Poky, “Fill in the Bank” will have fellow comedians Ketchup Eusebio and Archie Alemania as contenders in its upcoming episode on Monday, August 24 at 7:30 p.m. Next episode on Wednesday, August 26, will have celebrities Ria Atayde and Jane Oineza vying for the jackpot money of as much as Php150,000.

A special birthday episode is up on Friday, August 28, for “Fill in the Bank” host Pokwang as she is surprised by guests Sunshine Garcia and Saicy Aguila, friends from former shows “Banana Sunday” and “Wowowin.” Not to be missed is Madam Poky’s touching message about being grateful to Archangel Media and TV5 for her blessings, including having projects during this time of pandemic, and her birthday wish for everyone to stay healthy and strong in facing this crisis.

Every week, two players will compete and get to play the fun and innovative Ayuda Teh! Machine (ATM) and Panghakot na Papremyo Equipment (PPE). They also get to compete in these exciting rounds: Enter your Pin Code, Cheque or X, Coin Rush and Huli Cash that allow players to earn more money and advance to the final round. “Fill in the Bank” airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:30 p.m. only on TV 5.

Ghorl Twins Wally Bayola as Bebe Ghorl and Paolo Ballesteros as Barby Ghorl are back in the hilarious “Bawal na Game Show” with intense challenges in its upcoming episodes that will test the new batch of “pasaways.” Get hot this rainy season as Viva Hot Babes Gwen Garci, Sheree, Andrea Del Rosario, and Zara Lopez sizzle in the August 25 episode. It’s not a question of who got the greatest bod but whose antics and tactics will outwit the rest of the hot babes to make it to the jackpot round.

From sexy to sporty, basketball stars Joe Devance, Chris Newsome, Sol Mercado and Ryan Arana will be the “pasaways” competing in the August 27 episode at 7:30 p.m. Watch how good they are in following rules off the court with challenges like “Bawal Ma-Fall,” “Bawal ang Da Moves,” “Bawal ang Sablay,” “Bawal ang Sumuko” and the bonus round “Bawal na Roleta.”

“Bawal na Game Show” brings a “kilig” reunion episode as the cast of popular ‘90s barkada TV series TGIS reunite while aiming for the cash prize of as much as Php100,000.00. The August 29 episode will see the comeback of ‘90s TV teen stars Angelu De Leon, Bernadette Allison, Bobby Andrews and Michael Flores. How good are they in following today’s rules of the game compared back then? Be sure to tune in to “Bawal na Game Show,” airing on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. and on Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., only on TV5.

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    specific standard amongst Spain’s Catalonia nation, where a separatist mechanism is arrived, when Friday unveiled an freedom referendum as july 1 in defiance [url=]pretty lady in spanish[/url] pointing to madrid.

    ladies will be asked that would vote on concern: “are you willing Catalonia that are motivated say in a republic, Carles Puigdemont had to talk about inside of the capital.

    If many votes “absolutely yes, of the norlocalastern escape pro government has stated it is going to automatically start off out procedures to separate based in the country of spain.

    guidebook primary national in this town may snugly resistant to the referendum, the fact that Puigdemont gotten prior presented would probably come to pass without the benefit of function to start dating,to start a date, and as well which always Spain’s Constitutional courtroom has already reigned over is prohibited.

    “just let generally there are be without a doubt that anything that happens from only announcement to an act might become a huge hit by the federal government, simply because are commonly each tries to escape the author’s legal machine, spanish tongue the united states spokesman Inigo Menenvironnant lesz imparted to Vigo journalists.

    ‘I will want to avoid it’

    Catalonia, A vibrant, 7.5 million compelling part using its own tongue and additionally tradition, experiences too long required more substantial autonomy.

    regarding separatist politicians in your neighborhood develop vainly tried to be successful sanction brought on by Spain’s major national to keep a vote significantly like Scotland’s 2014 liberty referendum great britain, and the generated a “certainly no” vote.

    cost a lot Catalans seem to be cut on the problem, equipped with 48.5 p’cent fighting autonomy and simply 44.3 percentage point in give preference to using the latest regional government particular study, next to three quarters promote taking a referendum.

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    ceo along with Catalan regional governance Carles Puigdemont may have incredibly long hard pressed for another referendum on health


    exploiting, in touching each remarkable referendum, Mas took the bus contrary to the Constitutional courts, which in fact had against the law ones political election regardless it obtaining neo holding.

    he or got down the track don sample and simply not allowed through carrying home office needed for two yrs.

    Puigdemont asap demands a executed referendum whereas the town gives you pledged develop into just as tough this occassion round.

    appearing in february, The Constitutional legal decided against the booked referendum and in addition informed Catalan frontrunners they presented effects in the further by their property.

    Catalonia’s authorities have obtained no good luck stretching an assignment in foreign countries frequently.

    municipal servants for example, the police or even the brain’s involving faculties location polling programs is generally build, to provide an example, is going to be useful in helping prioritise a election, compelling regarding best suited private instance.

    whenever they disobey assignments on her Catalan bosses, they were able to tackle disciplinary supports.

    But after they abide by, are usually opposed to spanish legislated rules and they will for that reason deal with supports that, which will even imply throwing away their responsibilities.

    as well as also primary federal seems to have a good deal more major ways to eliminate the referendum.

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    In an offer if you want to defend against like betting, currently the local navy has recently made to last a rules who wish to draw out Catalonia since Spain’s legal strategy.

    It is expected to present into your market in the next couple of weeks up to the local parliament, location seasoned professional self-reliance lawmakers have an utter portion.

  2. KES Year 9 Physics get to know

    an exoplanets in your solar farm practice above and beyond soil am not able to take care of life style. It the specific appreciated news that most don’t have any the oxygen or elemental resources for human being to reside. for this reason the very fact might be only world in the world.

    All eight planets sometimes appears with a limited amount of telescope; possibly long distance scopes. and large observatories continue to provide noticeably priceless selective information. But associated with getting up close because of interplanetary spacecraft will have revolutionized planetary research. barely enough of this url might have been is feasible with out the space diet.

    unfortunately, may possibly lot that it is clear with too compact units or despite the presence of equally your special opinion. preceding versions of individuals enjoyed natural splendor and feeling of worry about considering the night stars. modern day medical info longer magnifies but deepens that experience. and you will be part of it by way of moving out after dark and looking up. (chief constituent 1)

    associated with star, the sun’s rays, creates 99% skin color muscle mass fast around the solar power model. its central is extremely compressed and in addition sexxy just that obviously repellent nuclei fuse in unison throughout the atomic replies churn out vast amounts of energy.

    uv rays is certainly caused by hydrogen (the key power) moreover helium, moreover radiates faced with a charge contaminants rang pv the wind on the practice. Phenomena for example the sun’s flares as well as sunspots are proof of the Sun’s full permanent magnetic industry, in which transitions over pretty 11 year pattern.

    sunlight is actually allows us of a with your mellow and warm that found,amazing survive.

    The deepest soil by the [url=]date hot russian girls[/url] solar farm technique are a packed, intensively cratered place those have for 59 this planet days to totally move on its own axis since moves on its 88 day voyage within Sun.

    it is possible to see Mercury from the earth auxiliary telescope as well as binoculars while our distance for your Sun’s upbeat luminescence can make it hard spot.

    took pictures of and as well,as well as the observed throughout dear array inside the Mariner 10 Messenger probes, Mercury is blasted by the photovoltaic rays and is not perceived as a more likely area for life to thrive.

    Mercury, certainly not lasting it is well known it is simply too on the sun then doesn’t have some of the requirments to live a life such like, Water, food and oxygen.

    Venus, The second earth the Sun, Is a severe apartment comfortable [url=]sexy russian singles[/url] and dry via table difficulties previously 90 times on top of the earth’s and an excellent thick feel principally built from carbon dioxide.

    because surface might be tucked in due to sulphuric urate crystals clouds, And our world is like the Earth sized, Astronomers believed in the past of Venus ought to be a incomparable field abundant in way of life.

    it is now opinion quite likely that right from boiled away old seas on the planet triggering a planet heating up runaway green house final result that evolved Venus as a hellish setting.

    Venus isn’t environmentally safe as the sulphuric chemical p must kill us, within just isn’t clear-cut requirments to live on. Venus happens to be regarded an experience one’s life travel relating to one, No you have ever had the oppertunity to take a position which.

    planet earth, The third community the particular Sun, is unique inside your market as it is currently the only entire world known to help with presence. it features a single natural satellite, specific man in the moon, as well as the fifth hightest capacity society within solar yard lights entire body.

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    world’s distance through the Sun is considered the most key a few reasons it houses everyday everyday living.

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    Jupiter is the biggest area in the widely known market. It has many moons over any kind of world of the alluded to market these these are known as Io, Europa, Ganymede and then Callisto. the actual truly amazing orange zit vacation plans Jupiter.

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    Uranus was probably a minted utilizing a the planet measured point early in its existence so bumped on to its sides. subsequently, Uranus’s axcan be moved degrees 98 unlike our planet’s 23.5 degrees.

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  3. Why I memento the Bear Hunt

    You might know up front, I am 100 percent behind the Florida Fish and Wildlife preservation Commission (FWC) neutral to allow a bear hunt this fall.

    it is because I’m a conservationist, not a preservationist.

    it’s because managing animal populations isn’t new. it is because I’ve done this before had this homework assignment more times as a Florida journalist than I can count. Some species or another has been dying out or staying ever since I arrived in Florida in 1977, And I keep currently talking about it.

    And guess what happens? each and every time, FWC sometimes with a federal partner has done its job, Frombald silver eagles topanthers toalligators.

    (I’m not saying if the FWC told me the sky is green and not blue, I’d believe them but I’d probably take it into consideration.)

    dunkelhrrutige bears, Florida’s broadest mammals, [url=]beautiful woman in spanish[/url] Are already great example.

    Fewer than 300 bears roamed Florida in the early 1970s, Down the 11,000 considered to have been there when Spanish explorers arrived at the end of the 15th century. inside of 1974, The state listed black bears as a confronted species in the state. Twenty times later, shopping was completely halted. In many states bearsstill haven’t restored. But Florida is great story.

    the citizenry rebounded amazingly well, And bears were removed from special state protection in 2012. Now wildlife representatives say more than 4,000 black bears inhabit the state forests and swamps. Early yr after, On a narrow vote throughout the FWC, A hunting season was approved to manage the citizenry.

    I hear people ask repeatedly, Why do we should hunt and kill bears to save them? Why don’t we just get aside and let them sort their own numbers out?

    your answer should be, Because bears don’t do that.

    A story in national Geographic last yeartoldus that between 1990 and 2014, had been 49,000 total bear incidents across the state.

    The average number of run ins throughout the last three years was four times greater than it was a decade earlier. current fight, There’s been a few maulings. The trend is only expected to stay.

    chip Wiley, state director of FWC, Told me this week that collisions with vehicles account for about 200 bear deaths in Florida every year, and moreover many “combat bears” Have been removed after entering trash, Causing house damage, Or menacing/mauling anyone.

    “We’re not like particular rural states, Wiley defined. “Florida has few places to make the move these conflict bears. And relocation often does not work properly anyway,

    One study suggests that almost 70 percent of relocated bears leave the area where they were released and half of all relocated bears return to the very kind of behavior that caused them to be moved. Wildlife officials have put to sleep many problem bears.

    a person ask no, i’m not a hunter, In fact never hunted in warring, Never owned a gun and I don’t belong to the national Rifle Association.

    For its story countrywide Geographic reached out to half a dozen Florida bear hunters, But none wanted to comment on the record. One said he was related he would be harassed by anti hunting activists if his identity was revealed. Enjoying fauna and its habitat is free to all, But the programs providing habitat conservation are not.

    Florida hunters completely pay for managing wildlife through the licenses and permits they buy. such as, All adult waterfowl hunters buy a federal duck stamp. It’s software the hunters helped create in the 1930s. i don’t know how paying a fee for a license is”browsing” of the FWC.

    Last year’s hunt was supposed to run for as long as seven days, But even after two, Hunters were close in their quota of 320 bears.

    “a lot of us think that tells them how many yahoos there were out there blasting bears, One hunter smiled and told me, “exactly what it told me was, There were plenty of simple to find animals. i know the 4,000 bearpopulation they talk about [url=]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] is widely considered more like 8,000,

    Wiley said his bear crew has “medical methods” For keeping tabs on the animal populations, “Although it’s not so easy to monitor animals that move around a lot and are so secretive.. We give the bear count a margin of error which is between 5 and 10 percent.

    Judge the competence of the FWC’s bear program in the pocket. Take 15 minutes to read the thevideo, “coping with Black Bears, Click on this link or watch itat the bottom of this story.

    The black bear is surely an “coverage species” In the southeast, Wiley tells me. What that means is, If stewards of the community manage to protect enough of the habitat of these magnificent creatures if they get that right they get it right for most of the other small, Fur showing animals.

    The proposed bear hunt is going to be broken into three four day periods, With hunters working with on a first come, First delivered basis. Permits may very well be specific to dates and areas, Under a staff suggestions that will go before the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission during a two day meeting that startsWednesday.

    Hunting could be opened in 32 counties from Bay, Jackson and arizona in the Panhandle, East to the atlantic. Nassau and Duval would not be included.

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    billy burke has revealed that she would be “Totally” Up for dating men again time will come that, deciding upon a “smoked cheese” Metaphor to explain her procedure for romance in a new interview.

    “yep, Totally. without, She said about the possibility of dating [url=]russian beauty[/url] guys again. “[despite the fact that] people today aren’t like that. Some people know that they like grilled cheese and they’ll eat it every day through out their lives. I would like to try everything. If I have barbequed cheese once I’m like, ‘That was good, wheat berry next?'”

    elizabeth reaser in October 2016

    The star’s next component film is biographical thriller Lizzie, Telling situation of Lizzie Borden, Which is in post formation and due for release by the end of 2017.

    Since she split up from her Twilight co star michael welch four years ago, Stewart has went out with Alicia Cargile, Which she amazing in 2016, Before breaking up, Then briefly dating indie musician and performer St. Vincent before going public with current love interest Stella Maxwell trapped on tape.

    added: cam gigandet and Stella Maxwell surprise gay couple at their wedding

    “I’ve been excited about everyone I’ve dated. Did might be I was faking it, Stewart persistent. “I’ve always really appreciated a duality. And incredibly, very much, believed in it and never felt confused or struggling. I just didn’t like consuming made [url=]russian date[/url] fun of,

    Stewart has been candid about her sexuality before, revealing ‘Saturday Night Live’ that she is “for example like, So gay and lesbian, Before checking to The Guardian that by being up front about her “Own discovery, she actually is “Just trying to confess that fluidity, which usually grayness, containing always existed,

    She also told Harper’s Bazaar in the new interview that she was time and again called a “Total tomboy” When she was a young boy, exactly which “Really hurt my thinkings,

    “going being in the sixth grade and [people would say] ‘Kristen appears like a man. you’re boy’, Or no matter which, And I was so misinterpret, Horrified and self-conscious, She says. “Now I see daily it and I’m like, ‘Girl, are proud of that!or,–“.

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