‘We Bare Bears: The Movie’ Premieres September 12 on Cartoon Network

The wait is finally over for Pinoy We Bare Bears fans! Cartoon Network’s lovable stacked bears will star in their very own, all-new We Bare Bears: The Movie premiering on Saturday, September 12! Created by Annie Award-winner Daniel Chong, and produced by Cartoon Network Studios, the movie is set to be the biggest Cartoon Network movie event ever with a multi-channel and platform debut on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, HBO, HBO Family, Warner TV as well as HBO Go and Cartoon Network Watch & Play.

Enjoy the movie from the comfort of your home as this latest adventure, We Bare Bears: The Movie introduces the biggest threat to the Bears thus far – a sinister villain named Agent Trout who is determined to tear the lovable brothers apart. This wildlife control agent will stop at nothing to do the unthinkable: capture, detain and separate Grizz, Ice and Panda forever! What will happen now that fear has entered their cozy and comfortable home? Will their brotherly bond see them through to a triumphant and happy ending?

Eric Edelstein, Demetri Martin and Bobby Moynihan return as the lovable bears Grizz, Ice and Panda, with recurring guest stars Cameron Esposito (as Ranger Dana Tabes), Ellie Kemper (as Lucy), Jason Lee (as Charlie), Patton Oswalt (as Nom Nom), Mel Rodriguez (as Darrell Zaragosa), and Charlyne Yi (as Chloe Park). The movie will also feature special guest stars such as Marc Evan Jackson (The Good Place) as Agent Trout and Jimmy O. Yang (Silicon Valley) as the internet famous racoon Joey Raccoon.

In line with the premiere, Cartoon Network is also inviting fans all across Asia to join its first-ever watch party. An interactive online experience where fans can share their live reactions during the movie premiere by adding hashtags #CNWatchParty and #WeBareBears on their social media posts.

To get into the party mood, Malaysian fans can also spruce up their viewing experience and make it an Instagram-able moment by downloading a We Bare Bears: The Movie-themed party kit from which offers decoration templates such as posters, popcorn cups and party crowns, as well as delicious We Bare Bears-themed recipes and other entertaining activities such as exclusive videos, games and quizzes.

Stay tuned for more news on the bears’ biggest adventure yet! In the meantime, catch We Bare Bears episodes on Cartoon Network on Cignal Ch 74 SD | Ch 220 HD.

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