Behind the Beauty of a ‘Queen’ in the iWant Original Series ‘Beauty Queens’

Mothers are believed to be the light of the home. But how can one tell that it is time for the light to serve as a guide instead of leading the way? This is the lingering question in the minds of the characters Gloria Diaz, Maxine Medina, Winwyn Marquez, and Ross Pesigan in the iWant Original series “Beauty Queens,” which can be seen outside the Philippines via TFC Online, exclusive for Premium subscribers starting July 29.

Directed by the award-winning director Joel Lamangan, “Beauty Queens” is a story about former Miss Universe titleholder Dahlia (Gloria Diaz) who always wanted the best for her children, which includes her dream that they follow her footsteps as a beauty queen.

Although her dream came true after they won their respective pageant titles, things happened along the way which drew Dahlia apart from her children, Daisy (Maxine Medina), Tingting (Winwyn Marquez), and Rica (Ross Pesigan).

With three former pageant titleholders in the show—Gloria Diaz was crowned Miss Universe 1969; Maxine Medina was crowned Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2016; and Winwyn Marquez was crowned 2017 Reina Hispanoamericana—there is an expectation that the series is about the glitz and glamour in the life of a beauty queen.

However, Winwyn says that “it is more about the family. It’s more about the depth of what a beauty queen goes through off-stage.”

Maxine also adds, “the story is really good because you will see the dilemma of a mother and a daughter, the dilemma within yourself on what you really want to do in life versus what your mother wants you to do. It is about acceptance, family, a daughter, and a mother. Those are the things you should look out for in the show.”

Is there still a chance for Dahlia and her children Daisy, Tingting, and Rica to bring the family back together, or is it too late?

Also part of the cast are Maris Racal and Nella Dizon. It is produced by iWant and ATD Entertainment Production.

Catch “Beauty Queens” in the Philippines via iWant, and outside the Philippines via TFC Online exclusive for Premium subscribers. Episodes 1 to 3 will be available on July 29, while episodes 4 to 6 will be available on July 31.

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