Why iWant’s Filipino-Dubbed ‘2gether the Series’ is a Must-Watch for Pinoy Fans

Do you ever wonder how Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin’s ‘kilig’-filled bickering in “2gether” sounds in Filipino? If you didn’t already know, streaming service iWant is housing Filipino-dubbed episodes of the top-trending Thai series!

If the original version got you hooked or if you haven’t seen the top-trending series yet, we guarantee that the Tagalized scenes of Sarawat and Tine will get you even more fragile. It’s definitely a relatable must-watch for Pinoy BrightWin shippers and those who believe that love is love.

All episodes of the series will have been available by Friday night (July 10), so we recommend you binge-watch its episodes now! Here are four reasons why you should catch the Filipino dubbed version of “2gether”:

1.       The voices match the characters’ and are close to the actors’.

Ever met someone who ‘sounds how they look like’? The Filipino-dubbed version of Tine and Wat are just as adorable as their original—if not more. Tine is still as charming, innocent, and persuasive, while Sarawat is still captivating with his mysterious and nonchalant ways. No need to worry about their singing parts, they still sound like the same person.

Aside from the two leads, fans are also raving about Green’s unstoppable ‘kulit’ and ‘lambing’ voice in Filipino.

2.       Kilig scenes are much more swoon-worthy, and jokes are much more relatable in Filipino.

Even though the story is set in Thailand, it’s almost as if Tine and Wat were in the Philippines with their use of Tagalog. Tine’s choice of words when he expresses his frustrations with Wat is much more relatable in Filipino, while Wat’s “Lagkit mo makatangin ah. Halikan kita diyan, eh” is a major swoon.

3.       Viewers can focus on the acting, facial expressions, scenes rather than the subtitles.

Reading subs can be quite distracting, and it might make you miss out on elaborate details such as certain props in the background or a small smirk on someone’s lips. If you watch the Tagalized version on iWant, you can finally ease up! This time around, you can stare full-time at both Tine and Sarawat while they’re in a heated argument or a love-filled moment.

4.       Refreshing – It’s like watching the series with a brand new set of eyes.

If you’ve already watched the original, you can always rewatch and enjoy this version with no problem. “2gether The Series” is like a time capsule that takes you back to a time in your life when going to school also meant seeing your crush. It doesn’t really matter which team you’re playing on – you will fall in love again with these two college boys!

“2gether The Series” is the first Thai show on iWant after ABS-CBN announced its partnership with leading Thai content company GMMTV. The series concludes with its finale on iWant this Friday (July 10) at 10 PM.

Don’t miss the finale and get your SarawaTine fix in “2gether The Series,” streaming on iWant for free. For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapeph on Instagram, and subscribe to

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