Int’l Groups Support ABS-CBN’s Franchise Renewal, Citing its Vital Service to OFWs

International groups in the Asia-Pacific region called on Congress to immediately restore the broadcast operations of ABS-CBN as they emphasize the importance of the network’s services to overseas Filipino workers.

HD Telecom, an internet and communications service provider in South Korea, mentioned that with ABS-CBN’s broadcast operations being halted, more uncertainties would be made especially amid a pandemic. The company also asked for the government officials to “see the reality of the situation.”

“We believe that in order for us to get through this health crisis, it is crucial to keep the public informed and aware so we can act appropriately,” the company said in a statement.

HD Telecom likewise stated that ABS-CBN “plays a vital role” in bringing the Filipinos in Korea together, highlighting that the network is not only a source of information, but also of comfort as it keeps overseas Filipinos connected.

“We consider them (ABS-CBN) as great partners in reaching our common goals of bringing the Filipino community in Korea together, and helping them cope in their new home,” the group said.

Sharing the same sentiments, the Seoul Filipino Catholic Community (SFCC), a religious organization of Filipinos in South Korea, voiced out their gratitude for ABS-CBN and conveyed their support for the network during these trying times.

According to SFCC, with ABS-CBN’s support in their community projects, the group was able to carry out financial assistance to distressed Filipinos and scholarship grants to indigent Filipino students.

SFCC also commended ABS-CBN’s shows and programs, citing its effect on easing the homesickness of Filipinos abroad while also reminding them of the Filipino culture, values, and spirit.

“ABS-CBN’s news and entertainment programs have served tens of thousands of Filipinos in South Korea by providing engaging entertainment and relevant practical information for OFWs and ex-pat Filipinos,” the community said in a statement.

On the other hand, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance, a union and professional association of Australia’s journalists, expressed “deep concern” on the forced closure of ABS-CBN, saying that such closure “hurts the Filipino people for no reason,” especially on people relying on the broadcast network for news and information.

The group also stressed the need to renew ABS-CBN’s franchise quickly, as “there has been no satisfactory evidence presented for why the Congress has moved so slowly to renew the ABS-CBN franchise.”

Despite the shutdown of its broadcast operations, ABS-CBN continues to be in the service of the Filipinos abroad via The Filipino Channel (TFC), a 24-hour cable, satellite, IPTV, web, and mobile service that broadcasts globally, carrying a range of programs to suit the needs and preferences of millions of overseas Filipinos.

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  1. What is stated above is good but CBS/CBN should pay all taxes owed to the government first so they could continue the good things they are doing or help them pay their debt.

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