Idol Survival Show ‘I-LAND’ Releases First 6 Contestants

There’s a new reality Idol search program in South Korea and it’s called I-LAND. Produced by Mnet and Big Hit Entertainment, the show is slated to premiere this month and it has a whopping budget of 20 billion won! Actor/Director Namgoong Mi will serve as the show’s storyteller while veteran solo artists Rain and Zico were reported to be participating as producers. Bang Si-Hyuk, the man behind the global success of BTS, will serve as the general producer.

We are not sure if “producers” are similar to the trainers of the now-defunct “Produce X 101” but we are anticipating that “I-LAND” has a similar mechanics: they will train the contestants, give them challenges, and those who will survive a series of eliminations will debut and form a brand new K-pop boy group. Furthermore, the show has a “Big Brother” vibe based from the teaser. Also, take note that they have been working for this show for three years now but the process will only last for 43 days.

Today, Mnet and Big Hit Entertainment revealed the first batch of contestants and they are:



Kim Sunwoo


Lee Huiseung

Park Sunghoon

Stay tuned as Starmometer will be covering this exciting new reality Idol search show that will give birth to another K-pop boy group that will conquer the world stage.

I-LAND is set to premiere on June 26, 11 pm KST on Mnet.

Watch the English-subbed teaser trailer below:

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