Alan Walker Reveals Singaporean Phone Number Online, Receives Over 15,000 Messages in Two Hours

Renowned Norwegian DJ & Producer Alan Walker recently  gave fans a personal way to connect with him ahead of his upcoming Walkerworld show in  Singapore. Earlier today, he took to social media to share his local Singaporean phone number,  including his Indonesian and Malaysian phone numbers, and invited fans to text him on  WhatsApp. The response was nothing short of incredible, with over 15,000 messages flooding  in within a mere two hours, a testament to the unwavering support and enthusiasm of his fans. 

Alan Walker, known for his infectious hits like ‘Faded’, ‘Alone’, and ‘On My Way’, is gearing up  for his Walkerworld show in Singapore on 14 June as part of his Walkerworld Asia Tour Pt.  I. As a lead-up to his show, he posted his Singaporean phone number on social media and  encouraged fans to text him. This unique opportunity to connect with the artist himself has left  fans feeling truly special.  

He wrote: “���� ���� ���� Walkers! I’ve set up local numbers so you can WhatsApp me – let me  know if you are coming to my shows in June! +62 812 9367 9429 (Indonesia) / +60 19 464  8862 (Malaysia) / +65 80415585 (Singapore).” 

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Fans went all in and started flooding his number with not only texts but also calls. A short while  after he revealed the three phone numbers, Alan Walker shared an update on social media,  saying he had received over 15,000 messages: 


The Singaporean number will remain available until the Walkerworld Singapore show on 14  June. The public is encouraged to drop the number a WhatsApp message to Alan Walker now and see if there will be the lucky ones who may get a reply from Alan Walker himself.  

Limited tickets are still available for his Walkerworld Singapore show on 14 June, happening  at Singapore Expo Hall 3 & 4A.  

Tickets are available via SISTIC at

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