The Steps to Becoming a Christian Teacher

So you have decided on your career path. You want to teach, and you want to do it on the subject of Christianity. Now what? Well there are various steps you need to take before becoming a Christian teacher. Here are some points to keep in mind:

You Need an Education

Before you start firing out those job applications, you have to ensure you have relevant backing in terms of education. To apply for a Christian school teacher role, you will need to possess a bachelor’s degree at a minimum.

The bachelor’s degree is only the starting point. Certain educational institutions will want the degree to be subject-specific, especially if you’re filling in as more than just a Christian teacher.

Certification and Licensing

Did you know that if you work at a private school as an educator, you don’t necessarily require any certification or license? With this in mind, you might not actually need to match your state’s requirements when it comes to teacher certification. However, even if your state doesn’t force you into acquiring a license, you’re unlikely to gain employment as a Christian teacher without one. Even if an individual educational institution doesn’t demand a license, they will demand professional expertise in the role.

By the way, once you have landed a job as a teacher at a Christian school, remember to secure your ACSI Teacher Certification. Not only does the ACSI Certification encourage continued learning in a professional manner, but it also endorses you as an educator with the necessary biblical requirements to be a Christian teacher.

Consider Your Beliefs

Even if you are teaching at a Christian school, you don’t necessarily have to match the values and beliefs of the religion. You could fill the position as long as you possess the ability to teach with the religion’s values/beliefs in mind. For example, if you are covering as a biology teacher, you might be requested to avoid the subject of evolution, and instead teach about creation. This, however, is dependent on the school — some will require you to be a member of the Christian faith.

Searching For Jobs

For those who are looking to land their initial role as a Christian teacher, the hardest step is securing that first job.

Depending on demand, roles in such a specialized field could end up being hard to find, especially if you want to stay close to home. Thankfully, you’re not alone in your search. The Association of Christian Teachers and Schools is one specialist entity which lists vacancies via online job boards.

Join an Association

Once you have secured your first teaching job, this is only the start. You should be actively seeking the opportunity to join an association like the Christian Educators Association International.

Why join an association like CEAI? Well, they offer an ideal opportunity to further develop your training and education in religious studies. You may have gained a degree and relevant qualifications, but your Christian-based learning should never stop. This can also be boosted by learning from relevant online courses with the latest religious teachings.

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