How to Keep Your iPhone Data Protected and Secure

Recent stats show that most people think losing their smartphone is one of the most stressful events to go through. And, it’s not surprising – in today’s digital world, our smartphones store a huge amount of data about ourselves and our personal lives. From emails to contact numbers, precious personal photographs to banking and financial details, many of us would be lost without our device.

If you have an iPhone, then the good news is that losing the device itself isn’t often the most worrying thing – the smartphone can be replaced – often at no extra cost if you have insurance – but the data that’s stored on it can be irreplaceable. Plus, you’d be right to worry about what could happen if your data got into the wrong hands. So, it’s always good to know what to do in order to best guard the files, data and other information stored on your iPhone.

Data Recovery Services:

If you still have the physical device but are unable to get to the data stored on your iPhone due to water damage or other breakages, then the good news is that it can be more than possible to recover the files. If you had regular automatic cloud back-ups turned on, then all you will need to do is enter your iCloud login on a different device to access your files. However, if you haven’t backed up your files it could be trickier. offer a helpful service that you can use to get to any files on your iPhone that haven’t been backed up.

iCloud Backup:

Following on from the last point, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to protect the data on your iPhone is to ensure that everything is backed up to the cloud. This is simple to do with an iPhone – simply switch on automatic backup in your settings and every day, your information will be securely backed up online and you won’t even notice. When you do this, all you’ll need to do is log into your account on a new device and whether your original iPhone was lost, stolen or damaged, all your files will be safe.

Find My iPhone:

Another service that all iPhone users would be wise to use is the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. Using this means that in the event of losing your iPhone, you should be able to pinpoint its location from another device simply by logging in with your iCloud username and password. In addition, there are features that allow you to wipe any data stored on the handset itself if you suspect that your smartphone has fallen into the wrong hands. If you have switched on iCloud backup, this means that you will be easily able to remove any sensitive data from the lost handset without losing it completely.

Last but not least, make sure that you are using a strong password to protect the data stored on your iPhone so that even if it does end up in the wrong hands, it will be difficult for anybody else to gain access to your data.

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