Lorna, Cherry Pie, Agot, Mylene, Joanna, and Angelica Celebrate Midlife, Womanhood in iWant’s ‘Call Me Tita’

From work meetings and yoga sessions to salon appointments and tea time—nothing beats the flare of Filipino “titas” who seem like they got it all together. But how do they grapple with the challenges of being middle-aged and find meaning in the midst of uncertainty and menopause?

iWant celebrates bold, fearless, and empowered women in its original comedy series “Call Me Tita,” starring Cherry Pie Picache, Agot Isidro, Mylene Dizon, Joanna Ampil, with Angelica Panganiban, and the special participation of Ms. Lorna Tolentino, which premieres simultaneously on ABS-CBN and iWant starting August 18 — a first for an iWant original. All episodes will drop on the streaming service on the said date, while a new episode will be shown every Sunday night at 9 PM on ABS-CBN.

Inspired by stories of Filipinas, “Call Me Tita” revolves around the lives of five spirited lifelong friends who seek out new experiences while coming to terms with getting older and finding purpose in life.

The thirst is real for successful bakery owner Ruth (Cherry Pie) as she finds herself fantasizing about her sexy chef despite her supposedly solid 25 years of marriage.

“Demure” Frida (Mylene), however, has just ended her 15-year relationship with her American husband. Hesitant to open up about her traumatizing life as a battered wife, she unexpectedly finds solace in a lesbian artist.

Retired beauty queen and failed starlet Frida (Agot) has a million followers on social media, yet is still unable to get the approval of her partner’s family. Another bump in the road comes her way as her son comes out of the closet and introduces his boyfriend—further messing up her “perfect life.”

Human rights lawyer Maya (Joanna), has been nothing but a perfect provider to her family, but has forgone starting her own. How can she, when she is deeply in love with her friend’s husband?

Meanwhile, the youngest of the five Gabbi (Angelica) has to step up as she and the Titas scramble to find her absentee mother Josa (Lorna) who is apparently involved in a drug ring.

Their search will uncover layers of their lives — friendships will be questioned, secrets will be revealed, alliances will change, and perceptions will be altered, with each Tita desperate to keep her secret in the dark.

Are they really as confident and courageous as they seem to be? How will their past and present revelations change their friendship?

“Call Me Tita,” directed by Andoy Ranay and written by Patricia Valenzuela-Kent and Noreen Capili, is co-produced by Dreamscape Digital and Heaven’s Best Entertainment. It is a love letter to middle-aged women who conquer life while making it more interesting—emotional, funny, sharp-witted, thought-provoking, self-deprecating, self-questioning, but always rooted in truth.

Indulge the “tita” in you by watching “Call Me Tita,” Sundays at 9 PM starting August 18 or binge-watch all episodes on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or on For updates, like, and follow @iwant on Twitter and @iwantofficial and @dreamscapedigital on Instagram, and subscribe to

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