Discover Tropical Paradise in Oahu

A dream destination for many, the Hawaiian islands are a magical place to take a vacation and on Oahu you can experience both the culture and the natural wonders of the islands. Covering a space of 600 square miles, Oahu is surrounded by beaches while in the interior there are stunning waterfalls and indigenous villages you can visit. Each moment you’re on vacation will present the opportunity for a memorable experience and amazing photographs of Oahu.

It can always be a bit stressful planning a vacation, with so many options for things to see and do. In Oahu though, you can let your troubles go and relax and enjoy the magical island energy. To help you plan your trip, here are some of the best places to visit for travelers and photographers in Oahu.

Pearl Harbor

An important historic site for the islands, Pearl Harbor may have a more somber atmosphere, but it is also full of significance. You can tour the USS Arizona Memorial and learn about World War II, as well as view a chronology of US aircraft in the Pacific Aviation Museum. Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with family or friends, Pearl Harbor is an important place to include in your trip itinerary.


One of Oahu’s most popular beaches and travel destinations, the city of Waikiki combines a modern energy with tropical traditions. With excellent beach side resorts, large shopping centers, local markets, and plenty of high-end restaurants, it’s a place where everyone can find something of interest. Just relax on the beach or book a boat tour or cruise for a bit of adventure. You’re certain to get some stunning photographs of Oahu when you visit Waikiki.

Diamond Head

An iconic natural landmark of Oahu, Diamond Head mountain is impressive to view from a distance, and even more impressive to explore in person. There are trails for you to climb up to the peak for the spectacular view of the island and coastline stretching out below. If you’re traveling with family or friends, it can be a great memorable bonding experience to share while visiting Oahu.

Hanauma Bay

The waters of Hanauma Bay are famous for having a vast diversity of fish and marine wildlife. It’s a coveted spot to go snorkeling, but in order to protect the nature and habitats, only a certain number of people are allowed to visit per day. Make sure you plan ahead so you can get the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim around so many species of brightly colored fish in the turquoise waters of the bay. The area is considered one of the treasures of Oahu island, and you won’t want to miss the chance to see and get photographs of Hanauma Bay.

An island of culture and natural beauty, Oahu attracts tourists from around the world who want to come experience for themselves the special energy Hawaii is known for. From beachside retreats to exciting hiking adventures in the interior, there are endless possibilities for how you can spend your time traveling and taking photographs in Oahu. For every occasion and for people of all ages, Oahu offers a break from the regular routine of life and the chance for countless unforgettable experiences.

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