Warning Signs of Unhealthy Liver

The liver is a wonderful organ in our body which has a lot of bodily functions. If the liver is unhealthy, its functions will be affected. So before your liver is considered unhealthy, here are warning signs that you must watch out for. If these signs are present, it is best to seek medical attention immediately.


• Jaundice – it is the yellowing of the skin. If this happens, it means that the liver is not functioning properly causing the bilirubin to build up. Bilirubin is a by-product of red blood cells deconstruction.

• Pale Stool and Dark Urine – this abnormal color in waste products may mean liver dysfunction because the bilirubin is not processed properly and it’s hard for the liver to expel bile in the digestive tract.

• Abdominal Pain and Swelling – these symptoms may mean that there’s a problem with the liver’s physical weight.

These are the most common warning signs pointing its arrow to an unhealthy liver. Aside from seeking professional help, it is important to avoid these problems altogether by living a healthy lifestyle and considering intake of supplements that will help the liver.

With the help of supplements with Vitamin C and Milk Thistle or Silymarin you may also improve your liver functions. Vitamin C and Milk Thistle help promote the growth of new liver cells while strengthening the liver health thus the prevention of diseases. There are food supplements that are easy to buy which has the combination of Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate like LiverMarin. LiverMarin has Silymarin and Sodium Ascorbate that may help prevent over-production of insulin, manage SGPT/SGOT levels, prevent liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis and can even help prevent the liver from Hepatitis A and B. If you feel like it’s hard to get this product, do what I did. I checked and found LiverMarin at Mercury Drug!


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