Energizing Morning Workout

Nothing works better than an energizing morning workout to wake your sleeping senses and muscles. Here are some of the most effective energizing exercises you can easily do every morning at the comfort of your home!

1. Cat-cow pose – this wakes up your core. On bended knees while your hands support your upper body, arch your spine and curl it back while breathing. This helps in working your core out while waking your senses as well.

2. Split squats – as you work your lunges for both your right and left legs, you’re waking your knees, thighs and glutes. This may race your heart rate and will help in losing excess fats while energizing your body.

3. Side planks – holding position for a few seconds on both sides help you with your upper body strength which energizes your body.
Aside from that, aiding your body with an energy boost can help as well!

For your daily energy, get it from food supplements with combinations of Taurine, Ginseng, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 can also help in providing daily energy boost as these components may have the ability to provide extra energy while improving alertness and focus.

Taurine and Ginseng promotes alertness, reduces stress and provide energy boost, Sodium Ascorbate helps in tiredness prevention and muscle weakness, Vitamin B1 aids in converting food into energy, Vitamin B6 enhances metabolism speed and Vitamin B12 aids in energy production. Now if you think it’s hard to find a product that has benefits like this and caffeine free, I am sure you’d like the new Robust Energy.


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