Managing Your Diabetes

Diabetes management can be a little tricky but it’s not impossible.

Though keeping your blood sugar range can be challenging, it is manageable especially when you consistently do what needs to be done in order to keep a normal blood sugar level.

1. The food you eat is the main factor in which whether or not, diabetes management can be difficult. The type of food you eat affects your blood sugar greatly which is why it is important not just to know the sugar level of a meal but also to keep track of the proportion.

2. Exercise and physical activities are important in keeping a regulated and normal blood sugar level. Regular physical activities uses up sugar as energy which helps the body use insulin more efficiently.

3. Medication and supplements are necessary in keeping you away from diabetes complications. The dosage of your medications should be taken regularly and as prescribed by the physician. On the other hand, supplements that aid in blood sugar control is as important as the medicine you have.

With these in mind, proper diet, exercise, medication and supplements may help in managing diabetes.

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