Why Nash, Joshua, Jerome, and McCoy are Guilty of Being ‘Good Sons’

Kapamilya primetime series “The Good Son” is now in its final week, but since it started airing, viewers have shared their theories and speculations as to who the real mastermind is of the murder of Victor Buenavidez (Albert Martinez). A quick scan of the online comments will reveal fans’ convincing theories and proofs of their claims.

We might not have the answer to the series’ biggest mystery yet, but what we do know is how the four sons Joseph (Joshua Garcia), Calvin (Nash Aguas), Obet (McCoy De Leon), and Enzo (Jerome Ponce) have fought for justice, not only for Victor, but also for the lives that were lost along the way in their quest for the truth.

Most of all, there is no denying that Joseph, Calvin, Obet, and Enzo are all guilty of being good sons. Here’s why:

  1. Joseph Buenavidez

Joseph is greatly admired for his pure heart and courage to give justice to the death of his father. Although labeled as a “bastardo” and “mamamatay-tao,” he did not let others define who he is, and stayed on the path of truth.

His love for his mother Raquel (Mylene Dizon) is also unconditional, which he clearly demonstrated even until his mother’s final breath when he tried to save her from falling off a building after their encounter with Dado (Jeric Raval).

Joseph is also willing to set aside his differences with his half-brother Enzo (Jerome Ponce) just to honor their late dad’s wish. He proved this countless of times, even recently, when he helped Enzo and his mother Olivia (Eula Valdez) escape from the hands of Dado.

2. Obet Reyes

Due to the unfortunate turn of events in his family, Obet is now identified as full of grit and fury. But before all the chaos and his mother’s death, he was once the life of the family.

A reliable son, he has worked as a waiter, a cosplayer, and even a mascot just to provide for his family.

Now, he has turned into a braver man, fueled by his desire to give justice to the death of their mother and equipped with the love he has for their family.

3. Enzo Buenavidez

Viewers have seen the best and the worst of Enzo. In the beginning, he was seen as a teenager with a bad temper who is prone to being violent and did not want to be associated with his half-brother Joseph.

Since their father’s death, however, Enzo has matured and stepped up to take on a huge role – the head of his family – and absorbs every bit of pain his mother Olivia experiences. He has also accepted Calvin, and has come to terms with the fact that they are only half-brothers, despite Calvin’s mental illness.

4. Calvin Buenavidez

Calvin has definitely delivered some of the most gripping revelations in the series. He used to be known as a timid boy who chose to exist only in the background, but it was really his schizophrenia that hindered him from being comfortable around people.

However, it is also his condition that made him relatable to some viewers – a voice that spoke for those who are afraid to talk about their mental illness. His portrayal and performances educated some viewers on the issue of mental health awareness.

Despite his condition, Calvin has the biggest love to give among his siblings and only wants peace in their lives. He serves as the common ground for both families and helps in easing the tension once things heat up.

Joseph, Calvin, Obet, and Enzo are all good sons in their own right, but does that mean they don’t have the capacity to end someone’s life?

Find out in the final week of “The Good Son,” weeknights on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).

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  1. robinAdelantarado // April 7, 2018 at 9:50 pm //

    theres something wrong with how mccoy act. i dont know exactly but it looks fake.

  2. Hindi na maka acting ng natural sa kakagaya kay JLC. Nakakainis na kung minsan tingnan. Galing ni calvin at enzo. Wow most improved si obet.

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