KZ Tandingan Hopes ‘Singer 2018’ Stint Opens Doors for More OPM Artists on Global Stage

Soul Supreme KZ Tandingan, who recently made headlines for her electrifying performance and beating her idol Jessie J in the fifth episode of China’s “Singer 2018,” said she hopes her stint on China’s top-rating show will open more opportunities for Filipino artists to showcase their talent worldwide.

“It makes me proud to be Pinoy. I’m just hoping that after this competition, many doors will open not just for me but also for Filipino performers now that foreigners recognize the artistry and excellence of Filipino performers. I’m just really thankful that we were given this opportunity,” said KZ, whose jaw-dropping rendition of “Rolling in the Deep” featured a rap in Tagalog.

The Star Music artist also said that she hopes more OPM artists will be invited to compete in the next season of “Singer 2018,” which attracts over 200 million viewers weekly.

“Singer 2018” is China’s most popular reality TV singing competition and pits professional singers from around the world against each other, as they vie to win audience votes.

“Out of the many countries they could have scouted for talents, they chose the Philippines. To be able to represent original Pilipino music (OPM) in a country that is not easily penetrated by international artists is already a prize that can’t be bought by money,” she added.

For her first appearance on the show, KZ said she defied recommendations to sing other songs, and ultimately chose to perform her unique version of the Adele hit – a personal decision that she believed would showcase who she is as an artist.

“I went to China and I was pretty sure no one knew me. Now they know a small Filipina girl who is singing her heart out in China’s number one show. That makes me very proud. That’s the kind of impact I want to make as a Filipino and show the world. Your dreams will come true as long as you believe that you can do it and you do what you want to do,” she said.

KZ is scheduled to perform again in “Singer 2018’s” next episode tonight (February 16) on Hunan TV.

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