Alisah Bonaobra Takes on JLo’s ‘Let’s Get Loud’ on The X Factor UK

Filipina singer Alisah Bonaobra takes on Jennifer Lopez’ “Let’s Get Loud” on The X Factor UK’s Viva Latino week.

Nicole Scherzinger said “Baby girl! I loved it you become this fierce beast wild animal when you get on that stage. You’re unleashed on that stage, you become the Latina Filipina Diva that you are, you make all Filipinas and Filipinos so proud. You shut it down tonight you’re a little fire cracker out there!”

Louis Walsh said “Where did that come from? At the start of the whole series I thought you could just sing the big ballads and now you just turned into this little tiger tonight. With all the amazing energy, I loved the singing the dancing, I loved the whole staging by the creative team. It was fantastic!”

Simon Cowell said “You at some point Alisah are gonna have to put your own unique twist on a song otherwise it will be considered cabaret and that won’t get you to where you want to be.”

Sharon Osbourne said “Alisah, you are more than just a ballad singer, much much more. You have so impressed me tonight, you’ve come out of your comfort zone and it was spectacular. Everybody loved it.”

Watch Alisah’s performance below:

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