Pinoy Girl Group ‘4th Power’ Appears on a British Talk Show to Answer ‘X Factor UK’ Controversy (Video)

4th Power

The Gollayan Sisters, now known as the 4th Power, recently made waves in London after auditioning on “The X Factor UK” which Simon Cowell described as the “best audition” they’ve ever seen in the show. The video of their performance, on the other hand, went viral with more than 7.5 million views as of this posting, the highest from any contestant of the British version of the singing competition.

After their sensational debut in London, they landed on the headlines of several British dailies for speculations that they were invited by Simon Cowell to audition in the show and some locals are questioning why “The X Factor UK” allowed them to audition even though they’re not British citizens.

To answer all these questions, the group guested on British talk show “This Morning.” Check it out:

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