Cesar Montano Received Complaints from TPB Employees

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On March 1, 2017, the Tourism Promotions Board or TPB issued a letter to the Presidential Action Center with the list of complaints about their Chief Operating Officer Cesar Montano who is also an actor.

TPB employees listed 30 offenses against Montano including hiring his own staff and relatives like Priza Cinco and brother Romel Montano. The employees said that this is a violation of Civil Service Commission on ruling nepotism. They also added that their monthly salaries are much higher than the regular employees.

In the filed complaint, Montano allegedly used worth millions of contracts for events and concerts where he was one of the performers. Employees cited that he converted the TPB Board Room and executive lounges into an exclusive area for his staff and bodyguards.

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Montano was accused in going to vacation trips that are not related to business by using public funds. With these numerous complaints against Montano, the employees lost their trust and confidence with the headship of Montano.

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Cesar Montano is known as an ally of Duterte in which the President appoints Montano in his current position as COO of TPB last December. Montano has not responded yet with the complaints against him.

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