6 Things You Need To Know About Joshua Garcia

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Joshua Garcia

Joshua Garcia is undoubtedly owning 2017! This young rising star is making his own noise and stepping his game in the entertainment industry. Even though he is a rookie, he has already proven that he has that X factor. Get to know Joshua more by looking at these facts about him that you might haven’t heard of!

1.      He is a Dancer
Every girl should see every dance video of Joshua on Instagram. Trust us ladies, he got moves! 
Joshua Garcia
2.      He is a Pet Lover
Who doesn’t love a guy who loves animals? Joshua has Siberian Husky named Basher. The young actor is also a self-confessed cat lover.
3.      His birth sign is Libra
Joshua was born October 7, 1997, which makes him part of the Libra squad! According to, “A Libra man feels most complete when he is in a relationship and he will work hard to ensure it lasts.”Joshua Garcia
4.      He is a Batangueño
Joshua was born and raised in Bauan, Batangas. He was first known as the Tatay’s Boy ng Batangas in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother where he was discovered.
Joshua Garcia
5. He loves to wear denim
Looking for a man with style? Joshua is definitely what you’re looking for! He has different tastes in fashion that people love about him, and denim outfits are always included in his shopping list.
6.      He is Single!
That’s right girls, Joshua is very much available! On his interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, he revealed no one currently owns his heart. He also disclosed that he already had three ex-girlfriends. Hmmm… interesting.
Joshua Garcia
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