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At the celebration of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza’s first year anniversary of Eat Bulaga’s biggest event dubbed as Sa Tamang Panahon last October 23 at Cowboy Grill in Quezon City, Christine Babao or popularly known as Ninang Dub surprised everyone with her heartwarming message for the ‘newlyweds.’  is-aldub-event3Christine, an avid AlDub fan, read the letter in front of the onscreen couple and revealed that she has written it one year ago. In the said letter, the former Kapamilya news correspondent shared that she is really hoping for Alden to pursue Maine in real life at the right time—or as how the fans say it, “Sa tamang panahon.”

Read Ninang Dub’s letter for Alden and Maine:

November 26, 2015

Dear RJ and Maine,

Do you two believe in destiny? (Alden and Maine answered “Opo naman”). Do you believe in dreams coming true sa tamang panahon? I’d like to share with you a love story. The story of Julius and Tintin. Araw-araw kami noon magkasama sa TV just like you. Nakita ng mga viewers ang chemistry naming dalawa just like you. Nagsimula sa tuksuhan, nauwi sa totohanan. Meng and RJ., I’m a hopeless romantic, grabe. I love seeing a boy and a girl being paired together. I get so kilig and I only wish that they end up together in real life. Just like me and Julis; happily married for 12 years now. I’ve seen so many love teams in my career, but yours is different. It’s not only phenomenal, it’s magical. You have such undeniable chemistry that there seems to be a very thin line between what we watch on TV and what is beneath your actions, your gestures of caring for each other, and in your heart. How we all wish na lahat ng nakikita namin sa Kalyeserye ay hindi lang pang-TV kundi ‘yung totohanan na. You know why the whole world is rooting and pining for the two of you to really end up together? It’s because when you look at all the signs, the universe conspired for you to be together. Five years ago at first sa event, and then again this year. And five months narin pala ang love team nyo. (Last year ‘to, ha). Happy Anniversary! 

Alden, you prayed so hard for this moment to come. How great is our God? So great… so great that he answered all your prayers. Grabe si Lord, sa sobrang bait he answered both of your prayers. God went the extra mile. He sent an angel to make your dreams come true. He sent Maine. Kaya nga ramdam na ramdam naming lahat nung kinanta mo ‘yung God Gave Me You sa Philippine Arena while looking at Maine in the eyes as it pierced her soul and melting her heart. And you cried and you uttered the lines and the words, ‘God gave me you.’ As if thanking Maine for coming into your life and thanking God above all. 

Maine, (para akong pari noh?) do you believe, too, that God gave you Alden? (Maine nodded). Do you believe in destinty? You are both destined for greatness. God gave you all the talents, your wit, your humour, and your beauty. Because He gave you the mission to make all of us happy. Tama? To make the AlDub Nation happy. Are you even aware of the AlDub effect? ‘Yun bang they laugh when you laugh, they cry when you cry, kinikilig kami kapag kinikilig kayo. (Hindi nga lang mamumula tenga ko kapag namumula tenga mo, Alden). And hindi naman namin kayo ka-ano-ano ah? Pero we find ourselves praying for you both kasi para na kayong mga anak namin. Praying for you everyday, (which I did yesterday after the kasal. I lit a candle for the two of you). Praying for you both na sana, sana magkatuluyan kayo. Sana walang sumira sa loveteam ninyo. Na sana hindi kayo malamon ng sistema ng showbiz. Na sana mag-pray din kayo ng discernment kung ano ba talaga ‘yung feelings nyo para sa isat-isa. Beyond the scripts, beyond the TV characters that you play, beyond the blinding lights, the studio noise, beyond the hiyawan, kantsyawan, and palakpakan.

Give it a chance. Listen when your hearts are silent. It’s your call Alden, you’re the guy. If you’ll ask me, your self-appointed love struck Ninang, Meng is so perfect for you. Sya ang swerteng dumating sa buhay mo sa tamang panahon. Sya ang blessing sa buhay mo. Those are the reasons why God gave you to each other. At first, to make all of us your fans, the AlDub Nation, very very happy. And the AlDub Nation thanks the two of you who made us all so happy. Thank you.

Hindi nyo lang alam kung gaano kayo nakakatanggal ng stress sa buhay namin. Hindi nyo lang alam how much you greatly affect us with your every move. Every Dubsmash, every cheesy word you tell to each other. To the point that we will all be sad kapag hindi kayo nagkatuluyan. So are you, too, praying for an answer? Or have you found the answer? No pressure. Bata pa kayo. Enjoyin nyo muna kung anong meron kayo. Kulitan pa more, laglagan pa more. Enjoy being friends muna if you feel it’s the best for now. Let it flow and grow naturally. Parang kami ni Julius. Started out as friends. Tuksuhan, muntik pang hindi magkatuluyan. Because I was afraid. I told him before ‘Julius, what if nag BF-GF tayo tapos nag-break tayo at mag-away? How can we face each other in television and still work together? Paano ang career ko, paano na ang love team?’ Alam mo kung anong sabi sa ‘kin ni Julius na nagbago sa stand ko because I was so afraid to give it a chance? He looked at me in the eye and told me ‘What if we don’t give this a chance? We will end up growing old with that question forever haunting us. What if?’

And so I end my ninang novela with this: Once you find someone who makes you happy, who gives you that incomparable inner joy, and you can’t stop thinking of him or her, then never let her, never let him go. I’ll always be here with the millions of AlDub fans all over the world supporting you both. And P.S., someday sagot ko na ang wedding cake para maulit ang subuan nyo ng cake nung first date nyo ni Maine. 

Love always, 

Ninang Dub

November 26, 2015 

One year after, eto tayo, ever so strong. Happy Anniversary!is-aldub-event4

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    Tuloy parin ang lokohan….hahaha

  3. Sakay pa madam babao? Hahaha. Wala kasing work Kaya yan, pa Ninang Ninang Na Lang sa kalye. Buwahaha

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