AlDub and JaDine’s Onscreen Weddings: Which is More Remarkable?

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What could be more exciting than seeing our favorite loveteams get married even just for a show? We love them, look up to them, and we aspire to be like them in the future with our perfect soulmate living a fairytale kind of life. We root for them to get daily dose of kilig whether or not they are genuinely in love with each other in real life.

In this poll, we’ve listed three of the most recent onscreen weddings of today’s sensational love teams JaDine (James Reid—Nadine Lustre) and AlDub (Alden Richards—Maine Mendoza). These series of staged marriages gave every audience an experience of a lifetime by just simply hearing their fave stars say the words “I do.”

Alden and Yaya Dub’s Kalyeserye Wedding

Basti and Iris’ ’Til I Met You Wedding  / Clark and Leah’s Wedding in On The Wings of Love


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  1. siempre pag idol mo vote mo pag di mo gusto bash mo kaya kung cno madami fans mananalo kuya talaga

  2. Stop this!!! Can’t they think of meaningful and relevant articles here??? This contribute to a very divisive Pilipinas right now! Not very helpful indeed!

  3. Liza S. Inaabangan sa 2017

  4. Parehong loveteam na laos

  5. melasong naglason // November 13, 2016 at 5:38 pm //

    aldub syempre..taob na yang jadine na yan..hahaha

  6. What is the purpose of this poll / survey? Pagaawayin nyo Lang mga fans. Stop this nonsense.

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