Loisa’s Kiss to Set Jerome Free from Spell in ‘Wansapanataym’

Viewers are in for a huge kilig treat this Sunday (Aug 7) as Paulo (Jerome Ponce) learns that the remaining ingredient to break the spell cast on him is a true love’s kiss in the last week of “Wanspanataym Presents: Candy’s Crush.”

Jerome and Loisa

After Candy’s (Loisa Andalio) failed attempt of creating an effective antidote, Paulo rushes to a folk healer in hopes of getting the right remedy to break the curse. But to his surprise, the only ingredient missing in their antidote is a true love’s kiss, which would come from Candy, the girl who has sincerely loved him since they were kids.

Will Paulo be able to go back to normal? Will this also be start of their romance?

Don’t miss the life lessons shared in the last week “Wansapanataym Presents: Candy’s Crush” on ABS-CBN or on ABS-CBN HD (Sky Cable ch 167). Catch up on or on for Sky subscribers.

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