Smart Launchpad Enables the Youth to Create and Broadcast Their Own Content on YouTube

Despite the wealth of talents in the Philippines, Filipinos are not maximizing video as a platform to express themselves. There is a big opportunity to grow the nascent ecosystem of local content creators by removing the barriers that prevent Filipinos from becoming the next Ryan Higa or PewDiePie. One is access. Not having a stable connection to upload videos can be a problem. So is the lack of knowledge and expertise. Aside from basic know-how in video production, many aspiring online creators don’t know the variety of content they can upload on YouTube.

Smart Launchpad

Smart, recognizing the creative potential of Filipino youth as an untapped resource for new ideas and raw talent, encourages the use of YouTube and aims to break the aforementioned barriers experienced by the country’s digital generation. Smart continues to inspire change in the way the Filipino youth productively use technology and the Internet by empowering them with the tools to discover their passions, channel their creativity, and broadcast their talents to the world.

“We understand that it may not always be easy for the young Filipino to express themselves on a digital platform – there’s always the challenge of having the right equipment and of course, not having access to internet connection strong enough for video uploading.” says Katrina Luna-Abelarde, Head of Wireless Consumer Operations for Smart.

“We want to address these barriers because we have seen many of the world’s digital generation get their start in content creation on the platform, showcasing their talent on video, and sharing their talent with the widest audience available on the web. We want to encourage the Filipino youth to explore this alternative medium not only for self-expression, but also as a way to secure a career for their future,” she added.

Unbox your digital future, own the spotlight

Smart recently unboxed its slew of digital innovations, including “Own It” campaign, a platform that encourages everyone, especially the youth, to share their passions to the world, giving them a voice larger than themselves.

Under this campaign, Smart unveiled Launchpad, a program to help budding content creators upload their own work on YouTube and broadcast it to the world via Upload Stations all over the country.

Selected malls in key areas nationwide will be chosen as the homes of Launchpad Upload Stations. During weekends, Smart subscribers can hang out, collaborate and create their own videos, and upload in real time using Smart’s fast Internet connection and Samsung devices. Upload Stations will also be deployed in different campuses and hotspots to bring the experience to where the Filipino youth is.

Aspiring content creators will get the chance to participate in Launchpad Workshops where they will learn from industry professionals and top YouTubers. Smart subscribers can join the workshops by creating an account on YouTube, uploading original videos on their account, and registering online. Registration is open until September 15, 2016. In these learning sessions, they will know how they can make content creation into a profession with modules on building their own brand, monetizing their YouTube channel, and creating engaging content plans. By the end of the workshops, Smart will choose content creators to fly to Los Angeles, USA to collaborate with international YouTube stars.

Smart introduces possibilities of using digital video as an avenue for self-expression through YouTube. Meanwhile, Samsung joins the campaign as the official device partner. To join and to read the full mechanics, visit

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