Worry-Free Mobile Experience with the #SmartLoadManager

I-let go mo na ang mga worries mo! An all-new service of Smart Prepaid, the #SmartLoadManager, has finally arrived to help you manage and keep track of your load.


Isn’t it great to have a personal assistant who will remind you to pay your credit card bills before it becomes due; to remind you of the social and corporate events that you need to attend; to remind you to pay the utility bills; to remind you basically all the important things in your daily routine so you won’t get anxious about missing any opportunity that will come your way?

Good news! With regards to your mobile phone, I am delighted to introduce to you the #SmartLoadManager! It will help you manage and keep track of your load.

Since mobile phones are vital in our daily routine, the #SmartLoadManager will act like your personal assistant who reminds you and provides you with important details on your load like the Low balance notifications, Flash Notifications, and Detailed Balance Inquiry:

Flash Remaining Balance notification – When you opt in the service by texting FLASHON to 7788, you will now receive flash messages (last around 3-5 seconds) every time you end a regular call when load balance is below P100. This also has details on the cost of the last call made. This is a first in the country!

Low Balance Notifications – With this feature, you will receive urgent SMS updates if your subscribed call and text offers are running low.

Real Time Balance Inquiry – When you dial *214#, you get a complete overview on the remaining balance you have for both subscribed call and text offers and regular load/airtime.

Info graphic_SmartLoadManager

The best thing about this new service, it’s FREE! So why worry about losing load in times when you need it most when you have the #SmartLoadManager. Budgeting your load is now as easy as 1-2-3 so you can text, call and surf more!

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