Korean Touristars Yohan Hwang and J-Morning Captivate 4th Judge in ‘I Love OPM’

Gate 3 or the third elimination round opened for the Top 12 Touristars last weekend, which gave the studio audience the power to choose who moves on to Gate 4 in ABS-CBN’s original singing competition for 100% non-Filipinos who love OPM music, “I Love OPM.”


The Top 12 Touristars were grouped into four, with each Touristar having a special “Karaoke Night” with one of the Himigration Officers who served as their coach.

In Gate 3 or also called as the “Kababayan Bump-Off” round, only two from every group would be moving on — the first being the “Kababayan’s Choice” chosen by 100 audience members and the other being the “Judges’ Choice” selected by the Himigration Officers.

Last weekend saw Yohan Hwang and J-Morning move on to Gate 4 when both became the “Kababayan’s Choice,” with Ryan Gallagher and DBD being selected by the Himigration Officers, sadly ending the runs of Daniel Herrington (USA) and Uchusentai: Noiz (Japan) in the competition.

Yohan Gate 3

Yohan charmed the “Kababayans” once again with his smooth delivery of Ronnie Liang’s “Gusto Kita” and J-Morning got emotional with their heartfelt version of Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak.” Ryan, on the other hand, again showed true emotions with his rendition of Basil Valdez’ “Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggang.” DBD successfully showcased their harmony with Sarah Geronimo’s “Kilometro.”

J Morning Gate 3

Next week, the remaining six Touristars Matthew May (UK), Moses Akoh (Nigeria), Fathin Amira (Singapore), Jeena Dimaandal (USA), Dio Smith (Pakistan), and Naisa Lasalosi (Australia) enter Gate 3 to face the “Kababayan Bump-Off” round.

Who will be the top “Kababayan’s Choice”? Who will survive the “Kababayan Bump-off” round? Who will be crowned as the grand winner?

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