‘The Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A’ is Back for Season 2 with TV5 President as 1st Guest

ECL with Jojo A

Just when you thought you have already heard it all from seasoned entertainer and host Jojo Alejar – what with his signature hilarious monologues and one-of-a-kind unscripted, quick-witted commentary — wait until you see what other surprises he has in store for viewers in the brand new season of his talk show, “The Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A”, which opens this Wednesday, August 12, at 11:30PM on TV5! 

As night owls and his loyal fan base already know, you can just leave it to Jojo A to cap your days off with all the belly-aching laughter and riotous entertainment you would ever need every weeknight, and this second season promises to take things on a whole other level, breaking the mold of usual talk shows on local television.  

For the show’s opening salvo for its second season, no less than TV5 President and CEO Noel C. Lorenzana (in photo) takes the program’s hot seat for the very first time – to which Jojo admits was one of the most “nerve-wracking, yet fun” interviews he has ever conducted in his colorful career in showbiz.  

Viewers will have to see this episode for themselves to see how Jojo treats his very own ‘boss’ as the ‘guest’ in his show, and why exactly he himself considers this episode “one for the books”!

Be sure not to miss this sidesplitting season opener of “The Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A” this Wednesday, August 12, at 11:30PM, only on TV5!

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