‘Lipgloss’ on TV5, the Local Gossip Girl?

Lipgloss is the newest youth-oriented drama on TV5 which was reportedly "formatted" under the US tv series "Gossip Girl."

Although it wasn’t confirmed if Lipgloss is a local adaptation of the said American series, Lipgloss is very similar with Gossip Girl in a sense that it has dark characters and the storyline follows the lives of some students from an exclusive high school tangled in scandalous situations as journaled in the school’s unofficial website.

Lipgloss (TV5 spells it as one word instead of two) stars Mikee Lee, Rodjun Cruz, Fred Payawan, Kevin Lapena, Charina Suzara, Miki Hahn, Saab Magalona, Maxine Eigenmann, Mary Grace Perido, Cheska Ortega and Sam Concepcion.

Supporting the above-mentioned teen stars are Rachel Lobangco, Lloyd Samartino, Ricardo Cepeda and Lorenzo Mara.

Lipgloss is directed by Cris Pablo and Aleah Eugenio and airs every Saturday at 5:00 p.m. with its premiere episode this afternoon.

The boys of Lipgloss (coutesy of Princess France):

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