Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo Releases Her First Book ‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’


National Book Store and Anvil Publishing, releases a celebrity cookbook by no other than the Philippines’ Teleserye Queen Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo aptly entitled ‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’.

One of the brightest stars of her generation, Judy Ann is known both for her acting prowess and her cooking skills. This time around she goes further and adds another laurel to her already successful life with this first published book.

Whether you’re a beginner, a multi-tasking wife, a career-driven single lady or a man who loves to cook, it doesn’t matter! This is the perfect cooking companion for those whose happiness is to serve the best and tastiest food for their cherished ones.

According to Judy Ann, “There’s truly something special about preparing meals for the people who matter in your life. I see that good food can put smiles on their faces, and I consider it an accomplishment that I am able to make people happy with the food I cook.”

‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’ is the young superstar’s gift not only to her Filipino supporters but to anybody who loves food and cooking. The book is divided into sections. Among the classifications include comfort food, her recipes she cooked for her friends, her cuisines done specially for her family even a section for kiddie food, healthy cooking and other cooking hacks one can use.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been into food,” Judy Ann admits. “I guess my love affair for cooking began as early as when I was a child actress who would hitch a ride with the caterers and hang out in their kitchen.”

During the press launch held at the C3 Events Place in Greenhills, she said that the kitchen is her domain and shares that she has no problem multi-tasking there.

Judy Ann shares that during the shoot with Raymund Isaac, she recalls that she was very serious when she is in the kitchen and that she hardly smiles. This is also the reason, along with not speaking straight English, why if given a chance to have her own cooking show she would be unable to talk while cooking.

In this cookbook, she highlights 44 recipes including her signature dishes Angus Tapa Sandwhich with BBQ Sauce, Grilled Shrimps with Jicama Salsa, Lemon Cake with Thyme and Lavender, Miswa Bona-Bona, Rainbow Cake, Sinigang na Munggo, Strawberry Mojito Cooler, and Triple Chocolate Champorado.

‘Judy Ann’s Kitchen’ is exclusively available in National Book Store and Powerbooks. Shop online and buy eBooks at For reservations, call 8888-NBS (627) for calls within Metro Manila, 1-800-10-8888-NBS for calls outside Metro Manila, or text 0998-8888-NBS and 0917-8747-269.

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