Monika Makes It to Top 4 of Asia’s Next Top Model, Amanda Gets Eliminated

BTS - Top 5 at Judging Panel

Episode 11 of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 begins by revealing who among PH’s Amanda and Japan’s Barbara gets eliminated. Getting the boot is Amanda while Barbara makes it to Top 4 together with Indonesia’s Ghani, Singapore’s Amy and PH’s Monika.

As a prize for making it to the top 4, the girls enjoy a relaxing cruise aboard the Mariner of the Seas, where they soak up the sun, go indoor ice-skating, rock climb and dine at the captains table

Following their vacation, the girls are taken to the Four Seasons to meet Georgina and Joey for a deep and meaningful session

The girls have a group interview where they talk about their experience living in the house – from who was the loudest to who really inspired their performances in the competition

The models also each have one-on-one interviews with Georgina and Joey to recap their journeys through Asia’s Next Top Model and really deep dive into everything from their past to the model house on how it affected their performances

After the interview, the judges congratulate the top 4 on making it this far and wish them luck for the upcoming 2 weeks – one of the 4 will soon be crowned Asia’s Next Top Model on June 17, 2015.

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