PH Bet Julian Flores on Brink of Elimination in Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4

Here’s a recap of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 Episode 11 titled “Viral Spiral” which aired on Wednesday, May 18, on Star World:

At the model house, Julian was thrilled to finally have her photo on the wall. While sad about the fact that a girl was eliminated, the girls knew there would be no time for tears as the competition heated up.

Models learn how to be a brand

Special guests showed up at the model house again which caused excitement amongst the girls. The contestants were required to apply what they had learned from the guests to their new challenge set in the renowned Resort World Sentosa.

Challenge with Julian

Challenge: The girls needed to show their creativity and personality during this week’s task. In Resort World Sentosa, concentration was key and only the models who were able to stay focused during all the distractions would succeed.

Before the Photoshoot

Photoshoot: This week’s photoshoot showed how high the stakes are in the modeling industry. The girls were photographed by the man who knows them the best – Yu Tsai. Kenneth was also on set to provide his consultation and bring out the best in the girls.

Photoshoot with Patricia

The girls felt honored to work with Yu Tsai but his tough love was, to some extent, intimidating to the girls. Best photo went to the one who was able to build a true connection with the photographer and translate it into their photo – who would that girl be?


After the deliberation, Sang-in from Korea and Patricia from Indonesia are tied for best performance. Tawan from Thailand and Julian from the Philippines are bottom two and the result on who will get the boot will be revealed on next week’s episode.

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  1. Julian just got eliminated. Yu Tsai is a screaming faggot.

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