A Pre-taste of Japan’s Cherry Blossom with Honeybon’s Sakura Mango Cake

To experience Japan's Hanami and Cherry Blossom Festival has always been in my bucket list for years now and last week, I think I got a sign that it will finally happen this year after I got invited to the unveiling of Honeybon's Sakura Mango Cake.

Honeybon Katipunan

Last February 27, we went to Honeybon Katipunan, the flagship branch of this Japanese designer cake shop. There was a confusion at first because the signage says “Honeybee Patisserie and Cafe” but it was later explained to us by their marketing peeps that they are in the process of rebranding the cake shop to “Honeybon,” it’s new name. It’s actually a sister company of my favorite Tokyo Bubble Tea that’s why the 2-floor restaurant houses the two brands.

Honeybon Resto

Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybon are basically Japanese food chains with the former being known for serving Japanese fusion food and sensational milk teas and the latter serving pastries. There are Honeybon stalls inside every branch of Tokyo Bubble Tea and it’s only in Katipunan that they almost equally share the space.


After being acquainted with Honeybon, the store’s concept and the food they serve, they unveiled a new product in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. It’s the cake of the season (Spring in Japan) called Sakura Mango Cake!

Sakura Mango Cake

The Sakura Mango cake roll consists of cherry infused soft chiffon (that’s why the dominant color is pink and not yellow) with fresh mango fillings in the center. The exterior is covered in light pink frosting which is the color of the Japanese cherry flowers, also known as Sakura. Dashes of floral icings and white ice cream frostings mimic the cherry blossom image with hint of chocolate lines that correspond to the branches.

Sakura Mango Cake Close up

The Sakura Mango Cake Roll sells for P550/whole and P120/slice. It will be available in all Tokyo Bubble Tea branches for the entire Spring season (in our case, March to May).

And the taste? Well, it’s very very good! I like mangoes and the Honeybon peeps told us that they use Guimaras mangoes in their Sakura Mango Cake Roll that’s why it tastes fresh and sweet. And I like the fusion of something Pinoy, which is the mango, and something Japanese, which is the cherry infused chiffon, as the concept of this designer cake. And I took it as a sign that finally, I will get to experience the real Cherry Blossom atmosphere in Nagoya Japan later this month! The Sakura Mango Cake served as my lucky charm because I just got approved of Japan Tourist VISA and it will be my first time to set foot on the land of the rising sun. 🙂

Japanese VISA

Going back to Honeybon, aside from the 15 Cakes (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 15 HONEYBON CAKES), this Japanese pastry shop also serves breads like Ensaymada, Cheesy loaf, Cinnamon loaf, Manila Pandesal, Hokkaido loaf and Honey Raisins Loaf. They also have thirst-quenching fruit juices like Fresh Mango (P115), Fresh Watermelon (P115), Fresh Calamansi (P115), Fresh Orange (P145), Fresh Dalandan (P125) and Fresh Lemonade (P125). For those who like it hot, Honeybon also serves Espresso (P85), Just Coffee/Decaf (P85), Hokkaido Coffee Latte (P120), Matcha Café Latte (P135), Mocha Café Latte (P125), and Gran’s Chocolate Mallows (P135).

For Pasalubong, Honeybon offers boxes of Brownies, Banana Loaf, Ofudge Bar, Food for the Gods, Lengua, Crinkles, White Choco Chunk, and Double Choco Chunk.

For more information about Honeybon, like/follow their social media properties:


Honeybon Pastry Shop
253 Katipunan Ave.,
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No.(02) 961 8904

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