TV5 Brings Filipinos Closer to Pope Francis

Following the overwhelming success of the recent launch of TV5’s one-of-a-kind website and interactive online campaign dubbed as #DearPopeFrancis, what with the unprecedented participation of over millions of Filipinos in the Network’s unique invitation to welcome Pope Francis...


…TV5 now offers even more Filipinos from all over the world the opportunity to closely follow Pope Francis and his historic journey to the Philippines exclusively via the Kapatid Network’s line-up of engaging and comprehensive programs and activities dedicated to the Papal visit.

Beginning this Sunday, January 11 at 9:00PM, viewers can already kick-start their spiritual experience in line with the much-awaited Papal visit by tuning in to TV5’s special 1-hour documentary entitled, “Pastol sa Panahon ng Pagbabago”. This weekend television special gives viewers a look back on some of the most recent and relevant issues Filipino Catholics come to face today: A) Poverty and The Filipino — a look at ‘the most pressing problem’ in the Philippines; B) Contraception – tackles an issue that has divided Filipinos; C) Gays – examines the Pope’s impact on the Church’s stand on homosexuality; and D) The Selfie Generation – how the Church, led by Pope Francis, has tried to reach out to more people through social media.

From January 12 – 15, more than just delivering news about the country’s preparation for the Pope’s arrival, TV5 will also be at the forefront of giving viewers in-depth updates on Pope Francis’ very own preparations as he makes his way to the country. The celebratory mood of the entire nation that is already eager to welcome the Holy Father will be made even more meaningful with News5 Correspondent Carla Lim giving a fresh perspective as she joins Pope Francis on board the papal plane for his upcoming apostolic voyage.

On top of this, from January 15 – 19, TV5 will be spearheading the call to enjoin all Filipinos in celebrating Pope Francis’ presence from his arrival to his journey all over the country, through the Network’s comprehensive television coverage and blow-by-blow updates all throughout the day. At the helm of it all will be the formidable team of News5’s acclaimed anchors led by News5 Head Luchi Cruz-Valdes, together with award-winning broadcast journalist Erwin Tulfo and seasoned news personalities Cheryl Cosim and Ed Lingao, as well as several key resource persons.

With its commitment to reach out to as many Filipinos as possible and to give more individuals from all walks of life – most especially the youth —the opportunity to take part in the historic Papal visit, TV5 will also be launching an interactive Social Media Command Center. News5 anchors and TV5’s young stars will be joining forces anew as they put the spotlight on relevant social media updates from netizens mentioning #DearPopeFrancis, and sound bites from various representatives of Catholic youth organizations.

Dear Pope Francis_

Moreover, TV5 will surely be covering all bases in reporting anything and everything about the Papal visit with the introduction of its special group of remote anchors featuring some of the most colorful personalities in the television and entertainment industries. Aptly called ‘Poperazzis’, the quirky foursome of Lourd de Veyra, Ramon Bautista, Jun Sabayton and RA Rivera will be offering viewers a dynamic reportorial style that ultimately covers news items that are not being reported by journalists, focusing on the Filipino behavior during the Papal visit, and including the very sentiments of the general public through man-on-the-street (MOS) reports.

Aside from all of these exciting means made possible by TV5 for one and all to experience the Papal visit, the Kapatid Network is set to pull out all the stops for those who still have no access to their television, computers, and mobile devices by offering a free livestreaming coverage open to the general public at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum from January 15 – 18, beginning at 9:0AM daily. Finally, for those who have yet to join in on the million-strong and still growing #DearPopeFrancis campaign, you may still send in your welcome messages, personal intentions, and prayers alike, through your respective social media accounts or through

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