Erich Gonzales Says She Controls Her Emotions in Slapping Scenes with Kaye Abad

Actresses Erich Gonzales and Kaye Abad have maintained their good working relationship despite their intense catfight scenes in the controversial teleserye “Two Wives” that tackles marital infidelity.


“You should’t be carried away with your real emotions. If you don’t know how to control them, the slapping scenes could turn into a real-life fight with your co-star,” says Erich in “Tapatan Ni Tunying airing this Thursday (December 4).

Erich, who lived a difficult life in Davao City, says being exposed to challenges at a young age has helped immerse in the lives of the characters she plays.

She also reveals that portraying young mother roles in past projects such as TV series “Katorse,” and movies “Corazon” and “I Do” has prepared her for her character as a single mother in “Two Wives” although she admits she could not quite relate to it at the beginning.

For her part, Kaye says she has few similarities with her character as Yvonne, who was cheated on by husband.

“I am also devoted to my family. But I am not as brave as Yvonne,” says Kaye.

Kaye says she works doubly hard to channel the strong personality of Yvonne.

“I’m just taking my character to heart. I often think that I’m really Yvonne, a tough woman. Sometimes, I unintentionally act like my character in our house because I internalize a lot,” she quips.

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  1. I love Erich G she’s a good actress ❤️💋❤️

  2. parang di naman kaganahan acting..bland and sapat lang

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