Bolder and Sexier Erich in ‘The Blood Sisters’ Wins Viewers Nationwide

Viewers nationwide watched Erich Gonzales’ return to primetime TV as the pilot episode of her new teleserye “The Blood Sisters” rated high nationwide.

The program, where Erich plays triplets, recorded a national TV rating of 25.2% versus its rival “Wowowin,” which only recorded 16.9%, according to data from Kantar Media.

The action and mystery began in Davao, where Erika worked different jobs, including dancing in a club, in order to support his son and pay for his medical bills.

But her life suddenly changed for the worse when she witnessed the death of a man in the club. The men involved with the crime sought her down in order to silence her – an unfortunate incident that forced her to leave her son and seek refuge in Manila.

In the city, Erika soon crosses paths with her twin, Carrie, whom the criminals mistake as her. With Carrie gone, Erika assumes the identity of her sister, gets to experience a life of luxury, and is thrust into a world secrets and surprises.

Erich’s TV comeback also caused a stir online as the show’s hashtag #TBSSimula topped the list of trending topics on Twitter.

Twitter user @an_aficionada posted, “That was overall a great pilot episode! Congrats Erich and the whole ‘TBS’ team! Celebrate! Thank you so much for giving us another quality serye!”

“You are really back, Erich! Erika is so great. Excellent. The pilot episode is unique. Very explosive,” ayon naman kay @roseannedg11.

How long will Erika keep up her façade as Carrie? What will Erika discover about her identity?

Don’t miss “The Blood Sisters” Monday to Friday nights on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more information, go to and follow @dreamscapeph on Twitter and Instagram.

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