Win a Trip for 2 to Korea or Shanghai via AirAsia

AirAsia and Starmometer are giving away 1 round-trip ticket for two to Korea and another pair of round-trip tickets to Shanghai. Join the promo now!


In the last two months, AirAsia brought me to Shanghai, China and Seoul, Korea. If you’ve been following my travel posts, you will see how mesmerized I was upon seeing these two cities via my blog posts and the photos that I’ve posted on my social media accounts (you can check out these photos by tracking the hashtags #AirAsiaInShanghai and #AirAsiaInKorea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Find out why I fell in love with the two cities’ scenic beauty, food, entertainment and unique cultural and historical heritage.

And I must say, going to Shanghai, China and Seoul, Korea via AirAsia is really awesome. Being the world’s best low cost carrier (for six consecutive years), the 3+ hours travel was smooth and the low fares enabled thousands of travelers like me to spend more on food and shopping.

Now, two of my readers will get the chance to experience the unforgettable adventures I had in Shanghai and Seoul. AirAsia is giving away round-trip tickets for two to Shanghai and another round-trip tickets for two to Seoul!

Here are the mechanics:

1. Like AirAsia and Starmometer on Facebook.

2. Post a one day itinerary for the city of your choice–Shanghai or Seoul–in your Facebook timeline. Tell us the attractions that you would like to see and other things that you’d like to do in one day in not less than 5 sentences.


If I win a trip to Korea, here’s my one day itinerary in Seoul:

11:00 AM: Gyeongbokgung Palace – Dress up in gorgeous Hanbok and become the main character of a historical drama.

1:00 PM: Tongin Market – Eat lunch at a traditional Korean market.

3:00 PM: Bukchon Hanok Village – Visit the set location of the Korean drama series “Personal Taste.”

6:00 PM: Naksan Park – Perfect nighttime walks along the fortress trail.

9:00 PM: Myeon-Dong – Eat street foods and buy souvenirs.

#AirAsiaInKorea #AirAsiaInShanghai

3. Include the hashtag #AirAsiaInShanghai if Shanghai, China is your choice or #AirAsiaInKorea if you pick Seoul, Korea.

4. Don’t forget to tag @AirAsiaPhilippines and @starmometer so we can check your entry plus tag three of your friends and invite them to join, too!

5. And just to make sure that we don’t miss your entry, post the link of your post in the comment section below this article.

6. Contest duration is November 11 to 30, 2014. AirAsia will choose one winner of two tickets from the #AirAsiaInKorea hashtag and another one from the #AirAsiaInShanghai hashtag so be creative!

7. Winners will be revealed on first week of December and will be notified via Facebook. Winners will win a trip from Manila/Cebu/Kalibo to Korea and Manila to Shanghai. Travel period is from the date of the announcement of winners (first week of December 2014 perhaps) to March 31, 2015. Holidays and long weekends are not included. Request depends on seat availability.

8. And yes, you may post an entry for the Shanghai contest and another one for the Seoul contest so you will have two shots in winning the prize! You can even post multiple entries as long as each entry is unique.

9. Flight tickets do not include terminal fee and travel tax. It includes 20 kg baggage allowance for international flights. It is transferable but not convertible to cash. Booking requires 10 working days before flight date.

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  1. Charlene Gomez // November 15, 2014 at 11:24 pm //

    Can I just post it on ig? Or it should be on facebook?

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    Thanks for the opportunity Boss; Airasia Philippines

    God bless!

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  5. lee cundangan #AirAsiaInShanghai // November 14, 2014 at 9:08 am //
  6. Cheeney Roa // November 13, 2014 at 3:53 pm //

    Here is my entry for “Win a Trip for 2 to Korea or Shanghai via AirAsia” contest.

  7. Hi @Conel.Edwin, no the prizes are round-trip tickets for two only. Hotel accommodations and other expenses will be shouldered by the winners.

  8. Miguelito Antonio Sanchez Montoya // November 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm //

    FB Account: Miguel Montoya

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    MIguelito Antonio Sanchez Montoya
    FB Account: Miguel Montoya

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    Jovelyn Ochavo . FB: @jovy.ochavo

  15. Conel Edwin // November 11, 2014 at 9:16 pm //

    Does it include allowances? thanks a lot.

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    FB: @fabulousRM

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