Mompreneur Janice and Chef Rosebud Share How to Save Up to 90% on Laundry Expenses

Electrolux brand ambassadors Janice Villanueva and Chef Rosebud shared an invaluable tip that can save you not only precious time but also up to 90% savings on laundry expenses!

Delightful-E Simple

As part of the ‘Delightful-E Simple’ campaign, Electrolux tapped 10 of the top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers in the country to interview Electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Bruce Lim and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva. These four celebrities are known for their credibility in their respective fields and passion for their craft that’s why they are the right people to ask about creative yet effective ways to save household expenses and sharing blessings to others.

In the third installment of my Save and Share Blog Series, I discussed with Mompreneur Janice Villanueva and Chef Rosebud about my cousin who’s having problems with managing her family’s laundry expenses. She’s a working mom with two kids aged 12 and 7. Her husband’s mom take care of the kids and some household chores while they’re at work. Being a mother, it’s her job to budget her and her husband’s salaries to meet all the household expenses monthly. Lately, she noticed that their laundry expenses and electricity bills are eating part of their budget intended for weekend recreation/family date. If she does their own laundry on weekends instead of sending it to the laundromat, the precious time to bond with her family will suffer. On the other hand, sending the laundry to the laundromat is taking part of their family budget for recreation making it a lose-lose situation.

Janice and Rosebud

Here are what Chef Rosebud and Janice Villanueva have to say about the situation:

1. 1. Do you recommend doing your own laundry instead of sending it to the Laundromat? Why?

Chef Rosebud:

“It’s advisable to do our own laundry rather than getting the services of the laundromat because in the long run, we get to save a lot of money by doing it ourselves.”

Janice Villanueva:

“The costs of having laundry done elsewhere is prohibitive! Especially when you compare it to the costs given by Electrolux for the Time manager washer dryer – P25 per 8kg load, VS P 250 at a Laundromat.”

The Electrolux brand ambassadors made it clear that doing our own laudry by investing in quality home appliances like the Electolux Washing Machines can save your household up to 90% on laundry services and electricity. Not only that, because the washing machine will do the job for you, your precious time with your family will not be compromised!

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