Cheska and Chef Rosebud Share Delightful-E Simple Tips on What to Look For in a Washing Machine

Electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Chef Rosebud shared important tips on how choosing the right kind of washing machine can potentially save your household a lot of precious time and money.

Delightful-E Simple

As part of the ‘Delightful-E Simple’ campaign, Electrolux tapped 10 of the top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers in the country to interview Electrolux brand ambassadors Cheska Garcia Kramer, Chef Rosebud Benitez, Chef Bruce Lim and Mommy Mundo’s Janice Villanueva. These four celebrities are known for their credibility in their respective fields and passion for their craft that’s why they are the right people to ask about creative yet effective ways to save household expenses and sharing blessings to others.

In the second installment of my Save and Share Blog Series, I discussed with Cheska Garcia-Kramer and Chef Rosebud about my cousin who’s having problems with managing her family’s laundry expenses. She’s a working mom with two kids aged 12 and 7. Her husband’s mom and 1 ‘kasambahay’ take care of the kids and the household chores while they’re at work. Being a mother, it’s her job to budget her and her husband’s salaries to meet all the household expenses monthly. Lately, she noticed that their laundry expenses and electricity bills are eating part of their budget intended for weekend recreation/family date. That’s why she and her husband decided to invest in a washing machine that will help them save time and money.

Cheska Rosebud

Here are what Chef Rosebud and Cheska have to say about the situation:

1. What are the things you consider when choosing a washing machine? How important is it to get a washing machine that is right for your household’s needs?

Chef Rosebud:

I consider the durability of the brand and the functions that should fit our lifestyle.


For us, we always look like at the economical side. For one, it has to be eco-friendly which Electrolux has in their washing machines, it has to be energy saver and at the same time, dahil eco-friendly siya, tipid din siya sa pag gamit ng water, tipid din siya sa pag gamit ng sabon, diba? And when it comes to size naman it (Electrolux) comes in different sizes and when it comes to how looks naman, Electrolux has already moved with the time. It looks sleek, it looks nice, and it does what it’s supposed to do- it performs well. And we all know the Electrolux appliances last a long time so I that’s what matters the most, na magtagal talaga siya. And you really put the machine into good use and for a long time. That it’s good investment.

2. How do you manage your laundry expenses (water, electricity, detergent, etc)? What tips can you share to make sure that you don’t spend much for laundry without sacrificing wash quality?

Chef Rosebud:

Well like for water as I mentioned above, we use a rainwater filtration system so we get to use the rain water for our other needs, like for watering the plants, cleaning the garage, washing of plates and even washing of clothes. And we have a schedule as to how many times in a week we’ll do our laundry. Like for us, we do if just twice a week.


Well, I go back again to choosing the right washing machine. Why? For one, Electrolux is economical, it’s eco-friendly, it’s energy-saver, and going back dahil it’s economical and eco-friendly, tipid siya sa water and it’s earth friendly.

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