Father of Controversial PMA Cadet Aldrin Cudia to ‘Face the People’ this Friday

TV5’s social reality talk show Face The People continues to shed a different light on most talked about issues as the program features central characters of different controversies that shocked the nation.


After having Florencia Cornejo, grandmother of Deniece Cornejo, on the program last Friday, Face The People will feature Renato Cudia, father of the controversial PMA cadet Aldrin Cudia, to put him on the show’s iconic silya de konsensya.

Cudia consults the nation through Face The People to know if he should start fighting the institution he was formerly a part of to protect the rights of his son. A former member of the AFP through the Philippine Navy, Renato and his wife Filipina were very much honored to have a PMA cadet for a son. Aldrin Cudia also performed well in class and was expected to graduate salutatorian.

Both Renato and Filipina retired from the armed forces to give their family a better life. Renato worked as an OFW to raise Aldrin and his other children while his wife took care of their home. Cudia narrated all the hardships they went through in order for their son to graduate from the academy. Their dreams crumbled right in front of them when they found out that Aldrin, after years of training, will be dismissed from the academy due to his alleged violation of the Honor Code. As of press time, investigation on his case is ongoing.

For now, all they ask is for the academy to release the diploma of his son, in order for him to find a job. The investigations, however, put them and their son’s future in a stalemate.

Should Cudia fight for his son or should he just let things unfold? Find out this Friday on Face The People, 4:30 PM on TV5!

4 Comments on Father of Controversial PMA Cadet Aldrin Cudia to ‘Face the People’ this Friday

  1. Anonymous // April 5, 2014 at 5:12 am //

    kasi wala talagang matinong discussion kung puro na lang E KASI HINDI NYO MAINTINDIHAN KASI DI KAYO TAGA-PMA…napaka-convenient naman na EXCUSE /PALUSOT yan kapag hindi na ma-defend yung horror code kuno…parang janet napoles lang..kapag wala na maisagot, sasabihin I INVOKE MY RIGHT…sa PMA naman , kapag wala na masagot sa mga LOOPHOLES NG HORROR CODE, sasabihin na lang E KASI HINDI NYO MAINTINDIHAN KASI DI KAYO TAGA-PMA…..ginagawa nyo nang BOBO ang mga tao e mas maraming BOBO ang graduate ng PMA

  2. Anonymous // April 5, 2014 at 5:07 am //

    ano bang meron yang pma. na yan at hindi maintindihan ng mga taga- labas? kulto ba yan? or lame excuse lang na kunyari hindi maintindihan ng civilian para pagtakpan ang mga kabulukan sa loob ng pma..

  3. You’ll never understand unless you become a cadet. This guy is seeking sympathy from netizens and to the public through social media. He will never get his diploma simply because he Didn’t complete the requirements. He lied in his explanation. If he only admitted his mistakes, maybe things would not end up this way. Many PMA cadets have the same fate but leave quietly because they know they made a mistake.

    For those who criticize PMA, please never speak or comment against the institution because you know nothing about it. It is better to ask instead of pretending that you know well about it. Dont be fooled by their never ending drama.

  4. Titoibay // April 4, 2014 at 3:31 am //

    I don’t understand & I’m really annoyed that this Institution can dismissed this young cadet ( A. Cudia ) for what they called “Honor Code” ?…and I don’t know exactly whats that Honor Code that was violated or Mr. A. Cudia exactly have done thats really,really wrong ??? I heard that he lied ? that he’s 2 minutes late ? ecetera, ecetera ? What is it the real truth ?…Now, the people who runs the PMA (Institution) cannot even give or release his papers ( Certificate of Diploma ? or whatever documents that this young man entitled to ???… Whats going on with you people ( PMA authorities ) ? Now, where’s your so called ” HONOR CODE ” ?- Give this young man what he deserves…For God Sake…& once in your life. Grabe naman kayo. Ibigay ninyo ang karapat-dapat sa batang ito…You’re all destroying his future. What sort of example are you trying show to the Filipino people especially to the young ones ? Its been going on for so long & for quite sometime now ? Show your compassion & understanding for this family…so that everybody can move on.

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