Celebrities Find Reconciliation this Christmas on ‘Face the People’

TV5's social reality talk show Face The People becomes a bridge to second chances and reunited families as the program continues to help people in deciding on issues that troubles their hearts.

Face the People

This Monday, veteran actress Janice Jurado decides is she should push through an impending operation to remove the cysts from her breast. The former sexy actress has been battling with breast cancer for years now. Medical practitioners advise her to undergo procedure to avoid tumors from spreading, but Janice hesitates because the operation might risk her life. She also fears that no one would support her along the dreaded procedure because of the gap she had with her offsprings after they found out about her drug addiction.

A very emotional Janice fears that her children will only forgive her when she is already in the grave. But when her son, Giancarlo, hears the pleas of his mother, will he convince Janice to fight for her life?

Meanwhile, 82 year old character actress Flora Gasser sits on the iconic ‘silya de konsensya’ on Tuesday to decide if she should stop working for her family. Despite her old age, Flora endures all the pains and rejections she feels being the sole breadwinner of her family. She admits that directors won’t hire her anymore as she can no longer deliver her lines, but this doesn’t stop her to look ways to provide her family.

Worse, some of her children would even shout at her when she asks for their help.

With Marvin Agustin as guest co-host, Face The People took the chance to help the character actress have a more meaningful Christmas. The program surprised Flora with little gifts and presents for her and her family.

But despite all that, the question remains: should Flora, now 82, continue to work for her family?

Don’t miss the special Christmas episodes of Face The People this week, 4:30PM on TV5!

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