Entrepreneurs Who Recovered Business Ravaged Twice by Typhoon in ‘My Puhunan’

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila features the inspiring story of a married couple who rode out trying times when their business was ruined twice by a typhoon this Wednesday (Mar 5) in “My Puhunan.”


Leo and Josephine Dator’s duck farm called “Itlog ni Kuya” only started with an initial capital of P15,000 that afforded them 500 ducks.

Leo and Josephine proved they knew how to handle their money and manage their business that even if “Itlog ni Kuya” was wrecked by typhoons Rosing and Milenyo, they were still able to recover and even managed to expand it.

Now, “Itlog ni Kuya” already houses more than 34,000 ducks that produce about 1,000 eggs a day.

As Karen features the inspiring story of Leo and Josephine, Doris Bigornia first gives aid to a 64-year-old pedicab driver who wants to have his wife, who is suffering from a mental illness, checked in “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (Mar 4). Lolo Barnido and his wife don’t have kids to take care of them, and they live off of only P100 a day that he earns from pedicab driving.


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